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Hyundai Fuel Filter

If the increased price of gas has you scrambling for ways to improve your vehicle's fuel efficiency, don't forget about your Hyundai fuel filter. The job of the Hyundai fuel filter is to screen impurities from your gasoline supply and keep them from entering your tank. Dirt collects inside the Hyundai fuel filter, building up gradually until the filter is partially or completely clogged. A clogged Hyundai fuel filter results in hard starting, hesitation, and power loss. You may wonder how you can tell when your Hyundai fuel filter needs changing. If you have ever been to a quick-lube oil change station, they may have shown you a black, dirty Hyundai fuel filter and insisted you need a new one. In reality, however, you can't determine whether you need a new fuel filter just by looking at it. To test your Hyundai fuel filter, you should remove it and blow through it. If you are met with minimal resistance, your fuel filter should still be performing well. However, if air does not pass fairly easily through your Hyundai fuel filter, it is time to pick up a new one. A good rule of thumb is to replace your fuel filter once a year. Some new model vehicles come with a so-called "lifetime" fuel filter. However, all Hyundai fuel filters are susceptible to dirt buildup no matter how new the vehicle is; after all, collecting dirt is a fuel filter's job! When it is time to replace your Hyundai fuel filter, browse our online catalogue to select the filter that matches your vehicle's make and model. You can place your order for a new Hyundai fuel filter using our secure online order form, or by calling our toll-free customer service number.