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Hyundai Headers

Hyundai headers are performance enhancers you can add to your car, truck, or SUV to improve your engine's overall performance and power. The more oxygen you get into your engine, the cleaner and more efficiently your fuel will burn. Hyundai headers work to put more air into your engine, and get more exhaust out. For most models, Hyundai headers replace the exhaust manifold by providing each cylinder in your engine with its own miniature exhaust pipe. This system prevents the backpressure that can build up in a stock exhaust manifold. Installing Hyundai headers frees more airflow in your engine and creates a dynamic exhaust removal system that results in more power from your engine. Top quality Hyundai headers can increase your power by as much as 15 percent, which goes up even more when you add a cold air intake system and a high-flow air filter. All of these components serve to feed your engine oxygen, allowing your vehicle to "breathe" freely. You can get Hyundai headers in a variety of shapes and sizes for many different purposes. Among the top manufacturers of Hyundai headers are Edelbrock, JBA, Pacesetter and Hedman. Browse our extensive online catalogue for a great selection of Hyundai headers to find the perfect system for your high performance vehicle. With our convenient all-in-one ordering system, you can pick up your high-flow air filter and cold air intake system along with your Hyundai headers, and have everything you need for better vehicle performance delivered to your front door. Whether you place your order through our toll-free customer service number or using our secure online order form, you will get the same high quality, low prices, and fast delivery for all of your automotive needs.

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