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Hyundai Knock Sensor

Your Hyundai knock sensor serves an important purpose in your vehicle, and can help to prevent expensive damage to some of your combustion system parts, as it serves to help to ensure that the timing of your fuel burn is at its most efficient, which is essential to a smooth running vehicle. Engine knock or ping generally signifies that there is something off in the timing of the burn, the quality of the fuel, or the balance of the air-to-fuel ratio. When your Hyundai knock sensor detects the vibration that is created by engine knock or ping, often caused by the fuel detonating, or exploding, rather than burning, with the little explosion causing the vibration that the sensor picks up, it signals the main computer of your vehicle that there is a problem, and the computer will then try to resolve the matter by adjusting the timing of the burn. If the fuel is exploding rather than burning, it is often is taking too place too early and occurring at the wrong place, just enough off in timing and location to potentially cause damage to your piston walls. If you suspect that your Hyundai knock sensor is malfunctioning, it is wise to check out the situation as soon as possible, and to replace it if necessary, without too much delay. Replacement will be made that much more convenient and affordable when you shop with us, as our online catalog is designed to help you find the right Hyundai knock sensor replacement for your vehicle within a few moments and our quality replacement parts are always reasonably priced, typically priced lower than the average dealership. You can order your Hyundai knock sensor using our secure online ordering system or you can dial our toll-free telephone number to speak with one of our customer service professionals.