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Hyundai Motor And Transmission Mount

Did you know that your Hyundai engine mounts typically last for only 60,000 miles? If your car, truck, or SUV has more than 60,000 miles on it, you probably need new Hyundai engine mounts. There are a few ways to test your Hyundai engine mounts for stability. One way is to drive in second gear at about 30 miles per hour and step on and off the accelerator. If you feel movement in the drive train or hear clunking from beneath your hood, your Hyundai engine mounts are bad or failing. Another indication of poor Hyundai engine mounts can be vibration in the seat of your vehicle when you speed up or slow down. Your Hyundai engine mounts are constructed with high-strength rubber material, similar to the composition of your tires. Since they are made of rubber, your Hyundai engine mounts can become dry, brittle, or cracked with age. In addition to speed and vibration tests, you can visually inspect your Hyundai engine mounts for signs of wear. Most vehicles have right and left Hyundai engine mounts. If your car, truck, or SUV uses front wheel drive, you will have front and rear Hyundai engine mounts in addition to the side mounts. Bad or failing Hyundai engine mounts can result in vibration damage, a dented hood, or a stuck accelerator. It can also shred your radiator fan. Whether your Hyundai engine mounts are damaged or have simply exceeded their expected life span, you can replace them with new Hyundai engine mounts from our extensive selection in our online catalogue. Enjoy the convenience of ordering your replacement Hyundai engine mounts with our toll-free service number or through our secure online server.