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Hyundai Performance Pulleys

There are many ways that you can help your engine to work more efficiently, which can help to make more horsepower available for performance purposes, and the Hyundai performance pulley is one of these methods. Some of the essential parts and accessories on your vehicle draw their power from the engine through a belt and pulley set up, and often the stock pulleys run faster than they need to in order to maintain the performance of these parts, unnecessarily diverting energy or horsepower from the engine. A Hyundai performance pulley is carefully engineered to allow it to turn at fewer revolutions per minute, running as slowly as possible without decreasing the performance of the part it is powering, leaving that horsepower for other uses. Many people choose to maximize their savings - both in terms of horsepower and cash - by choosing to install a full Hyundai performance pulley set, as you gain a little bit more with each stock pulley you remove and replace with a Hyundai performance pulley, and ordering in sets typically costs less per pulley than does ordering one at a time. Some Hyundai pulley sets include the three main pulleys that those interested in performance typically like to replace first, which are the alternator, the water pump, and the crank pulley. Aluminum is a favored material for the Hyundai performance pulley, because it is lighter than steel and naturally a bit more resistant to corrosion. There are a variety of finishes that the Hyundai performance pulley is available in, some protective, such as the black power finish, and others typically chosen for their eye-catching contribution to a customized under the hood look, such as those that come in a shiny fire-engine red or royal blue color. We feature an excellent Hyundai performance pulley selection in our online catalog, reasonably priced and ready to be ordered either via our secure site or with a toll-free phone call.

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