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Hyundai Santa FE Tail Lights

Three Things that Could Go Wrong with Your Hyundai Santa Fe Tail Lights

The Hyundai Santa Fe never fails to please consumers, thanks to its fusion of stylishness and functionality. This midsize crossover SUV offers excellent handling and fuel economy tucked into one roomy and sporty ride. However, the Santa Fe is not immune to lighting problems that almost all vehicles suffer from. Its tail lights are known for frequently going kaput. If not fixed immediately, your Hyundai Santa Fe tail lights could cause safety issues on the road.

Busted bulbs

One or both of your vehicle's tail lights may not work at the same time. If only one bulb is not working, check if it's because of a burned out bulb. You need to open the lift gate of your SUV before you can pry open the tail light assembly. Once the tail light assembly is out, you can inspect the bulbs for darkening or any other signs of damage. By turning it counterclockwise, you can remove the bulb from its socket and replace it with a new one.

Blown fuses

Tail lights that go off at the same time may be due to blown fuses. This usually happens when the wires are crossed or if there's not enough power traveling to the fuse. A simple spot check won't do the trick, so you'll have to get down on your knees to access the fuse panel of your vehicle. Before you operate on the fuses, remember to disengage your vehicle's battery first. When that's been taken care of, you can remove the panel cover, and you'll see a couple of fuses inside it. You need to identify which one is the tail light fuse. Refer to your vehicle's manual if you're having difficulty doing do. Once identified, simply pull out the old fuse and install a new one. The new fuse should be seated snugly inside the panel.

Bad wirings

If you have already replaced the bulbs and fuses on your vehicle's tail lights, yet nothing seems to work, you might have faulty wirings on your tail lights. The easiest way to verify this is by inspecting the wires for any signs of damage. If there's none, you can use a multimeter to probe the sides of the wires for power. If power on the wires is not consistent, you can splice the wires, leaving just enough of it to attach to the connector.

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  • Things to Do to Keep Your Hyundai Santa Fe Tail Lights in Good Condition

    Maintaining your Hyundai Santa Fe tail lights in top condition helps you keep safe on the road. A tail light that doesn't work properly will not only prevent you from driving safely at night and during foggy days, but it will also put you into trouble with traffic officers. Penalties for driving with busted tail lights are more expensive than conducting routine maintenance procedures on your vehicle's tail lights. It's best to check on your tail lights every now and then instead of having issues on the road. Here are some tips that you can do to maintain the performance of the tail lights on your SUV.

    Replace the bulbs regularly.

    You don't have to wait until all of your vehicle's tail-light bulbs have gone off before replacing them. The bulbs usually last between 150 and 1,500 hours, depending on how often you use your automobile. If one of the bulbs has suddenly become dimmer than the others do, you need to replace it right away. Check if the light filament has gone bad-if it has, that's a surefire indication that you need a new bulb replacement.

    Ensure that the fuses are not blown.

    A blown-out fuse can stop all the bulbs in your tail lights from working. This is the second thing that you need to check if your tail lights are not functioning. Similar to bulbs, the fuses are irreparable, so they need to be replaced right away. The fuse panel is located underneath the driver's side dashboard. Use a fuse puller to yank the blown-out fuse from the compartment and replace it with a new one.

    Always check on the electrical connections in your tail light assembly.

    Electrical wires often become loose. Once they do, they won't be able to power up the tail lights on your SUV. Gently tug on the wires to see if any of them has become loose. Plug them securely to the tail light sockets if you find them unfastened. You also need to check if there's any power running through the wires. You can do this with the help of a multimeter.