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Hyundai Shock Absorber And Strut Assembly

As with any of your suspension system parts, your Hyundai shocks have an important role in the control and comfort of your ride. After the springs are set into motion by uneven terrain, your Hyundai shocks help to slow them down, serving as a partner in the process of controlling the force created by traveling rough roads, preventing it from jolting the driver and passengers and interfering with the handling and steering of the vehicle. There are a variety of types of Hyundai shocks, which are generally chosen according to the type of vehicle and the driving demands it must meet. If a vehicle is often used off-road, for example, a stiffer set of Hyundai shocks are often chosen, increasing the rigidity of the vehicle suspension, producing a ride that has more of a focus on control than comfort. For the typical vehicle, the control-comfort ratio is about even, and with luxury types of vehicles, where smoothness of ride is prized, the ratio tips towards comfort. In addition to being available in different performance levels suited for specific driving activities and conditions, there are also a variety of custom style Hyundai shocks, made for vehicles that have had height modifications, such as those that have added lift kits or are running tight and low to the ground. We carry a variety of Hyundai shocks in our easy to use online catalog, and we have a live help system available through our website if you'd like a bit of assistance in choosing just the right set for your vehicle. When you're ready to order your Hyundai shocks, you can place your order online, via our secure site, or you can place your order directly with one of our skilled customer service representatives by dialing our toll free telephone number.