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Hyundai Sonata Car Bra

Hyundai Sonata Car Bra: Usual Problems and Their Solutions

If you want to protect your Hyundai Sonata from getting damaged by road salt and other kinds of debris, then you should install a car bra. Made from high-quality vinyl, this cover is typically installed on the front part of your vehicle. However, even though it is built to last for a long time, it will still corrode and cause problems if it is not maintained properly. So you will know what to do in case you encounter a problem with your car bra, check out the list below of some of the common issues related to this part and how to solve them.

Mildew buildup

One problem that you may encounter with your Hyundai Sonata car bra is mildew buildup. Usually, this happens when the bra is not removed even after it got soaked from the rain. Once mildew develops underneath the car bra, your vehicle will look unattractive, and the bra itself will become corroded. To solve this problem, you must clean the car bra immediately. Just mix some car wash soap with warm water and use this to scrub both sides of the bra.

Scratches and swirls

Because the car bra is designed to protect your vehicle from road debris, it's not surprising to see scratches and discolored swirls on its surface. However, once it becomes covered with marks, your vehicle will look unkempt. Fortunately, you don't have to replace the car bra to make your Sonata look good again. All you need to do is remove the scratches with the help of isopropyl alcohol and a microfiber towel. If this does not work, then you should use a heat gun instead.


If the front part of your Hyundai Sonata is still getting damaged even if you have a car bra installed, then you'd better check the bra for any sign of damage. Sometimes, because of large road debris, this cover becomes torn, therefore allowing debris and moisture to seep through the protected parts. If this is the case, you must replace your Sonata's car bra immediately. However, if you don't have enough money for a replacement, then you can use a saran wrap instead. Just make sure that you won't cover the headlights and exhaust intake valves because the saran wrap might melt and damage your vehicle.

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  • Tips and Tricks to Get the Most Out of Your Hyundai Sonata Car Bra 27 February 2013

    The headlights, grille, and hood of your Hyundai Sonata are protected from road debris by the car bra. So, keeping this part in good condition is something that you should not overlook. Check out the list below for some simple tips on how you can maintain the good condition of your car bra:

    Clean your Hyundai Sonata car bra regularly.

    IIf you want to make your car bra last for a long time, then you have to make sure that you will clean it routinely. This is because once the bra becomes too dirty, mildew will develop under it, which may trigger premature deterioration not only of the bra itself but of the hood as well. To effectively clean this cover, you can use any kind of car wash soap that can be purchased from auto parts stores. However, don't forget to allow the car bra to dry for a few hours before putting it back on.

    Remove the car bra once in a while.

    Uninstalling your Hyundai Sonata's car bra is another great way to guarantee its serviceability. By doing this, you will prevent its premature degradation because of mildew buildup. What's more, you will be able to save your hood from getting scratched by the various kinds of debris that get trapped under the car bra.

    Inspect your car bar for bug and tar residues routinely.

    Aside from dirt, you should also watch out for tar and bug residues on your car bra. Usually, these residues cause serious damage to the surface of the bra because of the chemicals that they contain. So, if your vehicle's mask is showing signs of corrosion due to tar and bugs, you must clean it immediately using a vinyl cleaner. Afterwards, don't forget to apply a coat of non-silicone based vinyl protectant to make it shiny again.

    Make sure that your car bra is not missing any restraining hook or clip.

    The car bra of your Hyundai Sonata is attached to the front part of your vehicle through hooks and retaining clips. For this reason, you need to make sure that your vehicle's bra is not missing any of these, so it will not get detached unexpectedly while you're on the road.