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Hyundai Sonata Tail Light Assembly

Solving Your Hyundai Sonata Tail Light Assembly Troubles

The tail light assembly is part of what gets you through any dark road safely. It consists of brake lights and turn signal lights, which alert vehicles behind you when you are going to stop or turn. Damaging the tail light assembly could cost you a lot of trouble. Aside from increasing the risks of road accidents, you also face the possibility of getting a ticket for a malfunctioning tail light assembly. Here are common electrical issues on your Hyundai Sonata tail light assembly and what you should do about them:

Burnt-out tail light

  • Check the bulb for single tail light failure.
  • If one of your tail lights stopped functioning, the first thing you should check is the bulb. Remove the bulb from the assembly and examine the filament. If the filament is broken, replacing the bulb would be necessary. When installing a new tail light bulb, remember that you should not touch the glass part to prevent the bulb from burning out sooner than expected.

  • Check the fuse if both tail lights stopped functioning.
  • When both tail lights won't turn on, the most likely cause is a blown fuse. Locate the fuse box and pull out the fuse with a fuse puller. Make sure that the fuse is not popped and check the thin metal strip inside the fuse. If the strip is broken, you would have to replace the fuse. If the fuse is not blown, carefully put it back in place.

  • Check the wiring if neither bulb nor fuse is damaged.
  • Inspect the wires connected to the tail light. Make sure that they are not loose or corroded. Check for a short circuit or any other damage, which might require the wires to be serviced by a professional.

Brake light that stays on

If your brake light is stuck, you might want to manually check the brake pedal switch before anything else. It is activated once you press down the brake pedal, which turns the brake lights on. If this seems to be the reason for your brake light problem, try stepping on the brake pedal with more force than the usual to loosen it a bit. If this technique doesn't work, check the fuse and the bulb of the brake light for any signs of damage.

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  • How to Keep Your Hyundai Sonata Tail Light Assembly Clean and Clear 04 March 2014

    Your Hyundai Sonata tail light assembly is composed of parts that are important to your safety while driving. However, due to its location on the vehicle, it can get easily damaged by various elements such as road debris and weather condition. Cracks start to form on the tail light lens from which bigger problems arise. Dirt and water get inside the assembly, fogging out the lens and eventually causing electrical issues that further result into tail light assembly failure. To prevent this scenario from happening, take time to inspect the assembly and clean it regularly. It's not a very troublesome task, and it will only require a few minutes of your time. Here are some tips on how to clean away dirt or moisture from the tail light assembly:

    • Clean the exterior of the tail light assembly.
    • Spray a sufficient amount of cleaner on a rag or any soft, lint-free cloth and gently wipe the lens with it. Make sure that no liquid gets inside the housing.
    • Remove the tail light lens.
    • Taking out the lens will allow you to clean the inside of the housing easily and more thoroughly. Just make sure that you do not pry it off or force it out especially when it is glued to the housing. You might damage a portion of the housing, so you need to be careful.
    • Clean the surface of the lens from debris.
    • If you have plastic lens on your tail light assembly and it has become dull or hazy, restoring them would still be possible. Use fine sandpaper with 1,000 or 2,000 grit to remove surface debris and to smoothen the lens. Always keep the sandpaper and the lens wet while working on the lens. Don't worry if the lens looks more awful than before because it's part of the process. You can simply remove the sanding scratches by applying a rubbing compound.
    • Dry the lens.
    • Be sure that the lens and the rest of the tail light assembly have completely dried before reinstalling them to your vehicle. You may also want to consider sealing the assembly to keep the water out.