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Hyundai Spark Plug Wire

Hyundai spark plug wires are crucial components in the ignition system of your vehicle, helping to carry the high voltage spark to the engine necessary to ignite the fuel and air mixture in the combustion chambers. Each equipped with a thick insulating jacket to contain the high voltage they transmit, Hyundai spark plug wires bring the high voltage from the distributor to the spark plugs positioned at each engine cylinder. Each of the Hyundai spark plug wires has a rubber boot on the end, fitting on to the spark plug to form the connection for the spark to be transmitted, enabling the spark plug to ignite the fuel and air in the cylinder to begin the combustion process. Over time, the insulated coverings of the Hyundai spark plug wires can become cracked and brittle from exposure to the heat of the engine or contamination from vehicle fluids. This can allow the voltage to escape, arcing dangerously from wire to wire. Moisture can begin to seep into the cracked insulation of worn Hyundai spark plug wires, causing the vehicle to run roughly in rain or humid weather. Hyundai spark plug wires need periodic replacement to keep the ignition system at its best, transmitting the essential high voltage spark to the engine to maintain its efficient power and performance. Our online catalog features a selection of top quality replacements for your Hyundai spark plug wires, all at very reasonable prices. Our site is secure and efficient, making it safe and easy to order your Hyundai spark plug wires, or our expert customer service staff will make ordering just as convenient when you dial our toll-free phone line.