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Hyundai Tiburon Car Bra

Diagnosing Common Problems with the Hyundai Tiburon Car Bra

Your vehicle's grill and hood are better protected from bug splatters and road debris because of a detachable component. That part is called a car bra, and it prevents damage to your paint job during long road trips. Simple hooks that attach a Hyundai Tiburon car bra along the frill and the bumper or under the front fenders make a car bra convenient to install and remove when necessary. Because it is placed in front of a vehicle, it is prone to damage caused by rocks and loose gravel kicked up by tires. A car bra is no good as a protective component if it sags, flaps, or is not able to take the impact with road debris. The most common car bra problems are listed here, along with their causes.

Clouded paint under the car bra

A car bra is usually made of vinyl, fabric, or leather, with the bottom made from felt material. Check if it has become wet because of mildew and trapped moisture. These can have negative effects on both your car paint and the bra itself. A wet car bra can cause your car paint to oxidize and become permanently clouded. The only way to avoid water from creating permanent damage is to remove the car bra after driving, wipe it clean with a dry rag, and let it dry before you put it back on your car. Besides damaging the car bra, moisture can also cause loss of luster or color changes to your car paint.

Car bra moving out of position

Your aging car bra might move a little out of position. One way to diagnose this would be to check if the attaching mechanisms are damaged and are causing the car bra to slip out of place. Repair or replace aging hooks if necessary. If your vehicle has adjustable nylon straps, simply check if they need tightening.


Although an old car bra might move out of place when you are driving, new ones might also develop the condition when you drive fast enough. This may cause fluttering, a situation wherein the car bra flaps against the hood. The repeated movement causes the leather or vinyl material to scratch and wear through the paint. Always check whether the car bra is attached correctly and has a nice snug fit.

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  • How to Keep Your Hyundai Tiburon Car Bra in Good Condition

    Your Hyundai Tiburon car bra is a component that you'll need to take care of to be able to get the most out of it. It's not a very complicated car part-in fact it is so simple that you can attach and detach it without using any tools but your hands. However, a few things can ruin the experience of having a car bra for you. Factors like moisture and damage from Here are some maintenance tips you can follow to be able to enjoy your car bra and get the protection your car needs from it.

    Check for trapped moisture.

    Moisture can accumulate underneath the car bra after a long drive through a wet weather or after letting your vehicle sit for a few days outside or inside your garage. Trapped water can cause rust and car paint damage, and you definitely wouldn't want that to happen. Thankfully, the simplest maintenance step can be taken to avoid this-remove the car bra after a long drive and let it dry before reinstalling it.

    Always clean dirt formed along the trailing edge of the bra.

    After removing the car bra following a drive through a dusty road, always check for dirt that has formed along the edge of the bra where it touches the hood. Even if you remove the car bra to dry it and reinstall it after every drive, leaving dirt to accumulate on the hood will eventually be a problem. It will form a fine line of dust that will be visible on most light-colored vehicles. Cleaning the hood with a mild detergent and water will do the trick.

    Don't overstretch cord straps.

    Your car bra may eventually flap and flutter due to overstretched attaching straps. Frequent installation and uninstallation may cause the cord straps to stretch beyond their limit. Eventually, this will move the car bra out of its place during a long drive. Although a clear bra is designed to be kept on for a long period of time and therefore avoids this problem, a vinyl bra is different. Make sure that every time you detach and reattach your vinyl car bra, you stretch the straps just enough for the bra to fit snugly on your car's hood.