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Hyundai Timing Belt

The complete shut down of your Hyundai vehicle isn't always isolated to an engine problem, but could be a sign of needing a Hyundai timing belt replacement. On average, your Hyundai timing belt should be replaced between every 60,000 and 100,000 miles. Since it carries a huge load of tension, it's susceptible to wear leading to cracking, stretching or even snapping of your Hyundai timing belt. The Hyundai timing belt regulates the precision timing needed by your crankshaft, but especially your camshaft, which must open at exact timing to allow the engine pistons to move freely in and out of the cylinders. It does this by y gripping the gears and turning them together at specific time intervals. A problem with your Hyundai timing belt will lead to your Hyundai shutting down for no apparent reason and possibly a barrage of engine problems due to internal engine damage caused by the pistons smashing into inappropriately open or closed valves, breaking them. Overheating of your Hyundai may also be caused by a defective Hyundai timing belt, since it's responsible for driving the water pump, as well. If your water pump gear is not being pulled by your Hyundai timing belt, it won't be able to perform its cooling function to your engine. Find your Hyundai timing belt easily on our user-friendly catalog by searching for your Hyundai's year and model and order online safely through our ordering site, which is encrypted for your protection. Our toll-free number is staffed with customer service professionals available to help you find the right Hyundai timing belt and take your order right over the phone. Your order will be processed quickly by our order processing system, ensuring fast delivery of your Hyundai timing belt and ground shipped for free if $50 or more. Your Hyundai timing belt is right at your fingertips when you order through us online or by phone.