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Hyundai Window Motor

Opening your Hyundai's window is made incredibly simple by the Hyundai window motor. Nestled within the door panel, the Hyundai window motor is connected to the window regulator and creates the power that it relays to the regulator. This is what allows your window to go up and down at minimum effort to you. Mostly, a defective Hyundai window motor is caused by water damage and ironically enough, this occurs when the window is left open while it is raining and rain seeps into either the arm rest control panel, or through the door panel if the window seals are not intact. This can be prevented with a Hyundai vent visor.

Nevertheless, if your Hyundai window motor goes bad, your windows will not roll down for any reason, meaning that if you need to pay a toll, pass by a drive-thru window, or ask for directions while driving, you will not be able to roll down your window, at all. Even if you don't normally roll your window down, just knowing that you cannot do so will drive you crazy, because feeling like a prisoner in your own vehicle does not accurately match the concept of the open road. If your Hyundai window motor is not working, you can easily order a replacement from us.

Our online catalog has a huge selection of Hyundai parts and accessories and carries the Hyundai window motor. You can order your Hyundai window motor on our encrypted ordering site or by phone with one of our helpful customer service representatives. Orders of $50 or more are shipped for free so that you can enjoy the benefit of shopping through us. We provide our customers with only the highest quality parts, so you can be certain that your replacement Hyundai window motor will give you many years of problem-free service, if kept dry. Order your new Hyundai window motor through us, open up your window and let the winds blow again.