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Hyundai Wiper Arm

The Hyundai wiper arm is essential to maintaining the driver's range of vision, working in conjunction with other wiper components to keep the vehicle windshield clean and clear of moisture. The view from your windshield can be quickly distorted and obscured in poor weather conditions by the moisture from rain and snow. The Hyundai wiper arm carries the wiper blade across the windshield to clear the moisture away, restoring the clear line of sight that is so important to safe driving. The wiper blade must be held to the surface of the windshield glass with a firm and consistent tension to provide a clean sweep of the glass as it travels across. This tension is provided with the help of the Hyundai wiper arm, keeping the wiper edge firmly in contact with the windshield from end to end, helping to eliminate missed areas and streaking. If the Hyundai wiper arm is bent or damaged, the proper function of the wiper blades can be compromised. Heavy snow and ice can cause the Hyundai wiper arm to bend, especially if the wipers are switched on before the windshield has been cleared. The connection between the Hyundai wiper arm and the wiper motor linkage can be stripped, leaving it to hang motionless as the wiper motor functions. If the Hyundai wiper arm becomes damaged, often the only option is replacement. Replacing the Hyundai wiper arm is a reasonably simple task, requiring just a few basic tools. Our online catalog carries a selection of quality replacements for your Hyundai wiper arm to keep your windshield clear and your driving safe. Our excellent customer service and great prices will make ordering quick and efficient, whether you use our secure site or our toll-free phone line.

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