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A sealant is a gluey material that changes its state to solid once applied. It is used to prevent the passage of gas, noise, air, dust, fire, smoke, and liquid to the part that it seals or protects. Normally, sealants are used to close small holes or materials that are hard to cover. For the engine the ideal sealant to use is one that is resistant from corrosion, insoluble, and highly adhesive. Furthermore, the engine sealant should also be able to withstand the high temperature in the engine. IDC is a renowned manufacturer of engine sealants and one of the best in the world.

The IDC engine sealant does not only repair engine blocks but seals specific parts of the engine enabling it to continuously perform. Sealants are usually made from an array of materials such as plastic, rubber, silicone, foam, and other metallic-based components. The engine sealant is usually in a liquid form to fill in cracks in the engine and dries up or hardens once the engine heats up. An engine sealant is an inexpensive way of fixing cracks or small holes in the engine however it is important to understand that a sealant is only a temporary remedy just to give you time to prepare for the major repair.

In order to start using the IDC engine sealant you need to first drain the water and coolant from the radiator. You need to ensure that no liquid will flow to the engine while you are applying the sealant. This is because sealant doesn't work well on wet surfaces aside from that the coolant or anti-freeze hinders the sealant from hardening properly.