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Ignition Control Unit

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Electrical power is used to run a lot of systems on your car. Even the engine needs electricity to run. Electrical power from the ignition coil, or the igniter (for electronic fuel injection systems), is used to fire the spark plugs to make internal combustion possible.All these, however, are in vain if the ignition control unit breaks down. This control unit's job is to signal the ignition coil, or the igniter, when to supply high-voltage electricity to the spark plugs. Due to its sensitive nature, the ignition control unit can be damaged if exposed to extreme heat.That's why it's usually placed far from the engine or is covered with silicone paste. Once the paste dries up, though, it can lead to drastic failure. Once the control unit fails, your car's engine will likely hesitate or stall upon acceleration. It may idle rough or not even start up at all.Don't worry, though; all you'd have to do then is to replace the damaged control unit. Lots of aftermarket ignition control units are available here at Carparts.

• Guarantees accurate ignition timing, for quick acceleration

• Lasts longer than stock ignition control units

• Designed to resist damage brought by extreme heat