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Infiniti Air Deflector

There are a variety of Infiniti air deflector types available for your vehicle, each serving a slightly different purpose. When all are used together, they can help to increase your overall fuel mileage, by working together to achieve a significant reduction in wind resistance, often called wind drag. That is because installing a full Infiniti air deflector set will help to make your vehicle more aerodynamic, meaning the engine will have to work less hard to propel the vehicle forward, which results in less fuel consumption. Individually, each Infiniti air deflector also serves its own purpose. The Infiniti air deflector designed for the side windows protects against rain and wind coming in while driving with the windows open, and also helps to reduce the noise that the wind brings with it. Installing an Infiniti air deflector created for the rear window helps to keep it cleaner, protecting an important path of vision. Diverting the flow of air by installing an Infiniti air deflector on the hood offers many benefits. Engineered to shift the flow of air from striking the windshield at full force, directing it up and over the vehicle, this Infiniti air deflector also redirects what the air flow carries with it - insects, dirt, small stones and other road debris, all of which are more than annoyances, having the potential to cause noticeable damage to the finish of the hood and to the windshield. Furthermore, as the air flow also brings the snow and rain of storms to the windshield, this type of Infiniti air deflector diverts that as well, and helps to make driving in inclement weather that much safer. You'll find a variety of Infiniti air deflector types in our online catalog, all competitively priced and easy to order online or by dialing our toll-free telephone number.