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Infiniti G35 Control Arm

Symptoms of a Broken Infiniti G35 Control Arm

The wheels of your Infiniti G35 can move in relative freedom from your car's body thanks to the control arms that hold them in place. Linking each wheel to your chassis makes this part integral to your suspension system. However, this part isn't immune from different kinds of damages. You'll need to discover the root cause of any problems that you encounter to make sure that you continue to experience a safe and smooth ride. Here are a few situations where you might encounter symptoms that show problems with the Infiniti G35 control arms:

A noise from the front of your Infiniti

So, let's say you're driving your Infiniti along, and everything was going swimmingly until you encountered a few cracks or small bumps on the road. As you drive over these slightly-rougher-than-usual conditions, you hear knocking noises coming from your front suspension. Those sounds are very likely coming from defective compression rod bushings within your control arms. G35 models from 2003 until 2006 are known to suffer from this fate because these bushings break easily. You'll need to replace them at once, but you will also need to refrain from replacing the compression rod because these are not damaged.

A torn inner wire on your Infiniti

Now let's say that you've got a torn wire on your G35 coupe and you know you've got bad bushings on your lower control arm as well as leaky struts. This problem is also caused by the bushings within your front compression arms, but you'll need to solve it in a slightly different way. You will need to replace the pair lower compression arms at the front (as well as the leaking struts) and then realign the two control arms. Aligning ensures that these parts work in tandem once again.

A problem with realigning the control arms on your Infiniti

Finally, let's say that your car recently needed its tires and control arms replaced due to an accident. If you encounter a problem in realigning the control arms on your G35, then this could be caused by bent struts that could still appear unbent to the naked eye. Replace your struts and it's quite likely that the alignment problem will go away.

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  • How to Maintain Your Infiniti G35 Control Arm

    As a luxury vehicle, you expect you naturally expect your Infiniti to give you and your passengers a smooth ride. Your car is able to fulfill this expectation thanks to its suspension system, or more specifically, thanks to its control arms. These important car parts attach your wheels to your car frame while allowing them to move with relative independence. Also known as wishbones or A-frames due to their triangular shape, your Infiniti G35 control arms don't expect a lot from you. But, it's a good idea to inspect them once in a while and perform a few maintenance tasks to ensure that they stay at the peak of their game. Here are some tips that can help you do so:

    Check the bushings for damages

    Infiniti G35 models from 2003 until 2006 have front bushings within its compression rods that are all to easily damaged. So, you'll need to check these bushings regularly to ensure your control arms continue to work perfectly. To do so, just remove the front wheels of your car and slide under your G35 to inspect the control arm bushings. You can also tell that the bushings need replacing when you hear knocking sounds as you go over small bumps on the road.

    Replace damaged bushings on your control arm

    Damaged bushings are slightly challenging to remove and replace from your control arms. If you don't have a hydraulic press, you'll need to engineer a threaded rod that lets you push each bushing out by hand. Afterwards, you can easily put the new bushing in place without completely removing the control arm from your Infiniti G35.

    Take off the bushings and clean the control arm

    You don't need to clean your control arms each time you take soap and water to your G35. But, you might occasionally want to remove caked dirt and rust from all your upper and lower arms. Just remove the control arm assemblies from behind the wheel and the brake parts. Then, remove the bushings and set them aside before getting the other parts of your control arm sandblasted. This process places the arms inside an enclosure where they are hit with fine sand from a gun until all the grime is removed and your control arms will look like new.