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Infiniti G35 Piston Ring Set

Common Reasons behind Infiniti G35 Piston Ring Set Problems

Engineered to form a seal between the combustion chamber and the engine's crankcase, your piston ring set prevents oil from passing into the chamber and gases from entering the crankcase. Since these rings are exposed constantly to compression, they are highly susceptible to wear and tear, and they may soon cause several sorts of problems like higher oil consumption and rough engine idle. Not only that, you might even have to deal with legal problems due to a failed emission test. So, listed below are just some of the things you need to know in order to troubleshoot for piston ring set defects.

Engine needs more oil than usual

A sign that could mean a faulty piston ring set is high oil consumption. Simply perform a visual inspection by checking the Infiniti G35's undercarriage for leaks or signs of leakage. This leaking is usually a result of broken or worn piston ring set. You see, this broken set allows the engine to burn oil by allowing oil to leak in the auto's cylinders.

Bluish white smoke coming from exhaust tail pipe

Have you recently noticed a differently colored smoke coming from the Infiniti G35's exhaust pipe? If you find bluish white smoke puffing out of the pipe, then you might have defective piston rings. This white smoke is from burnt oil. You see, worn rings allow the engine's combustion gases to enter into the crankcase, and these gases are emitted to the pipe. This bluish white smoke is more easily diagnosed when revving up the engine or when under heavy acceleration.

Emission test failure

You will not only have mechanical issues but also legal problems if you have a faulty piston ring set. Simply check the ring set if it is blown out of shape. You see, a blown piston ring will result to an increased amount of exhaust gases. Cracks and chips in the part allows the gases to escape, therefore, raising emissions.

Sudden rough engine idle

Another result of defective piston rings is rough engine idle. Look for signs of wear in the piston rings on the engine cylinders. Blown piston rings will cause the loss of engine compression, which also causes rough engine idle.

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  • Ways to Keep Your Infiniti G35 Piston Ring Set in Good Shape

    Keeping the oil from seeping into the combustion chamber and causing engine defects is made possible with a fully functional piston ring set. Since it is constantly exposed to compression and thermal changes, your Infiniti G35's piston rings may wear prematurely. In fact, a poorly maintained ring set can pose mechanical and legal problems. If you want to keep these engine problems at bay, then follow these easy piston ring set maintenance tips:

    Regularly check for spring action when inspecting the piston rings.

    With the use of a screwdriver, you can help diagnose and address piston issues to avoid premature wear and engine problems. Diagnostic maintenance may be performed to check if the parts already lack tension and are no longer exhibiting signs of spring action. Simply, press the piston rings with the screwdriver and examine for spring action. If you find that there is none, then you should find a piston ring set replacement right away.

    Inspect for ring gap irregularities.

    For optimum engine performance, your Infiniti G35's piston ring set should be gapped properly. For this maintenance procedure, you will need a feeler gauge to measure the gap between the ends of the piston rings. Your car's manual should contain the correct gap for the piston rings. Check for gaps by inserting only one ring at a time into the cylinder bore. If you find the gap to be too small, you may use a file to shorten the ends of the piston rings. You see, this gapping process is crucial before reinstalling and replacing the piston ring set.

    Clean the pistons and the grooves.

    It is also crucial for the pistons and the grooves to be cleaned regularly, if you wish to extend the piston rings' service life. It is advised to use a groove cleaning tool to remove the carbon buildup from the grooves. Afterwards, wipe the parts with a clean and lint-free terrycloth towel. Performing this simple procedure can greatly increase the piston ring set's efficiency in maintaining cylinder and combustion pressure.

    Other maintenance reminders

    Be careful when dealing with piston rings because they can be sharp and could injure you. In addition, wear eye protection when performing maintenance to prevent possible bits of metal from damaging your eyes.