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Infiniti Oxygen Sensor

Your Infiniti oxygen sensor is one of many sensors utilized in the design of the modern vehicle to help keep the mechanical systems at work in your vehicle operating at their most efficient. Your Infiniti oxygen sensor, in addition to serving to help keep your exhaust fumes within the legal standards for vehicle emissions levels, helps to keep your combustion system operating efficiently, which is better for your pocket and for the environment. Located in your exhaust system, just after the combustion system where the temperature is highest, your Infiniti oxygen sensor measures the amount of oxygen remaining in the exhaust as it exits the combustion area. This is important because if the oxygen level is off, then that means that the fuel burn is not occurring as efficiently as possible, often because the air-to-fuel ratio is skewed. When your Infiniti oxygen sensor detects an inappropriate amount of oxygen in the exhaust, it then sends a signal to the main computer of your vehicle, which in turn adjusts the air-to-fuel ratio, and the process continues, working towards that near perfect ratio that will result in the cleanest, most efficient use of fuel possible for your vehicle. If your Infiniti oxygen sensor is malfunctioning or has failed altogether, your engine will typically revert to a air-to-fuel mixture that is often referred to as rich, meaning one that is a bit heavy in fuel, a balance that is good neither for the environment, nor your fuel economy. Running rich is wasteful, you are not getting the most power from the fuel you are burning, and are passing a significant portion into your exhaust unused, unburned. Replacing your Infiniti oxygen is a fairly simple type of repair to make, one that you could probably do yourself with the usual contents of the average tool set. You can order an affordably priced Infiniti oxygen sensor of dependable quality from our online catalog, which features a broad selection of aftermarket Infiniti parts and accessories, using our secure online ordering system or with a fast toll-free telephone call.