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Infiniti Qx4 Fan Blade

Diagnosing Infiniti Qx4 Fan Blade Problems

The Infiniti QX4 generates a lot of heat from its V6 engine. Without a proper cooling system, there is nothing to prevent the engine from overheating. That said, any component in the vehicle's cooling system must be in good working condition-that includes the fan blade. Below is a list of problems and troubleshooting tips related to Infiniti Qx4 fan blade and the parts connected to it:

Noise as the fan blade spins

You may have a proper working fan blade, but if there's an unusual noise that can be traced to the fan blade, then you have a problem. Once you notice this, pull over on the side of the road and check visually what's wrong. The problem might be as simple as a rock that get trapped and is hitting something as the blade spins. Do not panic. Stop the engine and fix the problem. Do not insert your hand to get the foreign object out of the fan belt. Remember, the engine is hot. Let the engine cool down or use something that will protect your hand from the heat of the engine. If there's no trapped foreign object, check if you lose a bearing or anything that's missing. Repair as necessary.

Loose fan belt

This is one of the most common problems related to fan belts; and it is not hard to miss. When your fan belt is loose, the fan blade will not work correctly, you'll notice that your vehicle loses power, your vehicle is stuck at 30 or 40 mph even if you step onto the accelerator, and the lights and the radio begin to dim or not function. A loose fan belt can also cause the engine to overheat even if the coolant level is sufficient. Remove the fan belt and inspect for any sign of breaks, cracks, wear, or damage. A new fan belt is required if you see irreparable damage.

Cracked fan blade

Driving with a cracked fan blade may be okay, but it is not advised. Since it is spinning fast, you'll never know when it will fall apart. So if you know that your fan blade is compromised, then you have to replace it right away. Doing so will prevent more damage to your car and avoid high repair bills. Signs that you have a cracked or damaged fan blade include unusual noise, vibration, and shaking under the hood.

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  • Infiniti Qx4 Fan Blade Maintenance and Replacement Tips

    An important part of the vehicle's cooling system is the fan blade. However, one can make an argument that it is probably one of the most neglected parts of the vehicle. Understandably, a fan blade isn't like the bumper, the windshield, or the tires that are exposed and get easily damaged-or even the radiator that sits directly in front of the fan blade. Still, the Infiniti Qx4 fan blade should also be inspected regularly. A broken or cracked fan blade can cause the vehicle to overheat. If the fan blade breaks apart while the engine is running, broken parts may even damage other parts of the vehicle. To know more about how to maintain and replace fan blades, see the information below:

    General maintenance and cleaning tips

    Replace damaged or cracked fan blade.

    As mentioned, driving with a damaged or cracked fan blade is very dangerous. Once you know that the fan blade is no longer in good condition, replace it right away

    Always make sure that the fan blade is securely onto the engine assembly.

    In some cases, fan blade becomes loose. If you hear unusual noise coming from the fan blade, check the problem and do the repair as necessary.

    Clean the fan blade.

    Regardless of the age of the vehicle, the fan blade has to be cleaned. And the more you use your vehicle the more often you have to clean your fan blade as grime and grease will quickly build up. Use a clean towel to remove the dirt from your fan blade. A degreaser helps to remove stubborn dirt. To clean the awkward areas, you may have to remove the fan blade from its assembly. See below for more information on how to remove the fan blade whether you're cleaning, repairing, or replacing it with a new one.

    Helpful tips to remove the fan blade

    Raise the hood and locate the fan blade in the general area between the engine and the radiator.

    Allow the engine to completely cool off before working on the fan blade.

    The fan blade is held by bolds. Remove the bolts using the correct wrench. At this point you should be able to easily work on removing the fan blade. Clean, repair, or replace the fan blade.