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A clean air is vital to proper engine operation and it's precisely for this purpose that an air filter is equipped in a vehicle. The air filter cleanses the air before it gets sucked into the engine. You see air is required to start the combustion process. Contaminated air meaning with air particles such as dirt, moisture, etc are hard to burn unlike clean air. It also puts extra burden to the engine during combustion.

Aside from the effect on the engine performance there is also the hazard to the health of a vehicle's occupants. Results of studies have shown that occupants are more at risk of inhaling dangerous air pollutants inside a vehicle's cabin as compared to pedestrians and public transfer riders. Knowing this makes it even more vital to ensure that the air filter of your vehicle is not yet worn out. Choosing a high quality brand of air filter such as the Interfil air filter can help in making sure that all the contaminants the needs filtering are effectively being filtered out.

The fuel separator is another important component that affects the performance of the vehicle. It is basically a fuel bowl with a separating filter mounted inline. The fuel enters and fills the separator. If there is water in the fuel it separates out and remains at the bottom of the filter. The separator continues to separate the water from the fuel until the filter becomes full of water. When this happens, the separator becomes ineffective thus allowing water to leak to the fuel into the carburetor or the injection system. A new fuel separator is therefore required. When it comes to high quality fuel separator replacement you can count on Interfil fuel separator. Well-known for its superior quality and durability, you can go never go wrong with this product.