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Isuzu Brake Pad Set

Isuzu brake pads operate on the friction principal and an amalgamation of two friction based technologies. The first is abrasive friction, which involves the splitting of molecular bonds involving the substance composing the Isuzu brake pads and the iron, which composes the brake disc. This basically means that the rubbing of the Isuzu brake pads against the iron disc brake break particle bonds within the brake pads causing friction and initiating the vehicle to stop. However, Isuzu brake pads that operate based on abrasive friction are likely to have a high wear-rate and can barely withstand high temperature brake fade. These types of pads are known as organic pads. On the other hand, the second technology is called adherent friction, which involves a transfer-film matching the material that composes the Isuzu brake pads being left behind on the surface of the rotor causing the molecular bonds to split, only in this case, the friction which brings the car to a halt is occurring between two similar substances. Manufacturers have experienced success in producing brake pads, mostly performance pads, which are a blend of both of these technologies, since these types withstand friction better at a variety of temperatures. There are many advantages to combining both technologies but ultimately, the Isuzu brake pads that will benefit you most must match your driving style and be operated within their manufacture's temperature range specifications to avoid warping your rotors. Whatever your brake needs, we carry a great selection of Isuzu brake pads on our online catalog. From run-of-the-mill to performance pads, you'll find the Isuzu brake pads that will suit your driving technique and be able to order them effortlessly through our encrypted ordering site. You may also call our toll-free number and direct your inquiries about Isuzu brake pads towards one of our customer service specialists who will be glad to attend you and take your order right over the phone.