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Isuzu Catalytic Converter

Your Isuzu catalytic converter is an environmentally friendly part of your exhaust system which functions to reduce toxic exhaust gases emitted by your engine during the engine combustion process. When you start your vehicle, engine combustion is initiated and peak temperatures occur nearing the end of this phase. It is at this point that oxygen and nitrogen combine and create carbon monoxide, unburned hydrocarbons and oxides of nitrogen, specifically nitrogen oxide and nitrogen dioxide gases. These unhealthy byproducts of the combustion process are the gases that your Isuzu catalytic converter converts into less harmful and inert matter by causing it to combust. The harmless byproducts of this Isuzu catalytic converter combustion process are carbon dioxide, water and nitrogen. Without the Isuzu catalytic converter, extremely pollutant elements would be released into the atmosphere harming the environment. In general, the stainless steel Isuzu catalytic converter isn't meant to fail, so having to replace yours is a serious indication of a critical vehicle issue. Some possible reasons for a defective Isuzu catalytic converter are your engine urgently needing a tune-up, or either extra fuel, oil or antifreeze going into your exhaust. Additional reasons include damage sustained on the road, a defective oxygen sensor, or either a decayed spark plug or spark plug wires. If you're in need of a new Isuzu catalytic converter, you should follow up its replacement with a thorough check of these potential factors, since replacing it will not resolve any of the issues which caused it to break down in the first place and leaving the culprit in disrepair will only cause your new converter to break down, again. Our online catalog carries a wide variety of the Isuzu catalytic converter, and after locating yours, you may conveniently place your order either through our encrypted ordering site or with one of our helpful customer service specialists through our toll-free number. Orders of $50 and up are ground shipped conveniently to your doorstep for free.