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Isuzu CV Boot

Composed of a soft and pliable rubber, an Isuzu CV boot is what keeps your CV joint protected from elements that may damage it such as water, dust, sediment and rubbish. If your CV joint is the foot, then the Isuzu CV boot is definitely the shoe that contains it, keeping it well-lubricated with axle grease in addition to protecting it. This allows the CV joint to function properly by pivoting smoothly. Like all supple rubbers, the Isuzu CV boot is prone to cracking once it is worn and dried out. It is at this point that all of the axle grease contained by the Isuzu CV boot will leak out through the cracks, leaving your CV joint exposed to harmful weather and debris elements. Of more concern however, is the fact that your suspension system will be operating without an axle-greased Isuzu CV boot, leaving your CV joint vulnerable to friction damage and very likely, axle damage as well. Needless to say, losing an axle is a road nobody wants to travel down, first due to safety, then due to finances. So, if you hear clicking sounds as you turn your steering wheel, you may want to inspect your Isuzu CV boot for cracks and drying out, as this sound is a symptom of it needing immediate replacement. If you find that you are in need of a new Isuzu CV boot, our online catalog has a selection of Isuzu parts and accessories and is available anytime of the day or night. You may proceed to place your order through our securely encrypted ordering site, or you may call our toll-free number where one of our helpful customer service specialists will gladly take your order right over the phone. Orders that total $50 and up will be ground shipped for free. You can prevent becoming yet-another-person-who-lost-their-axle-because-they-ignored-the-obvious-signs by ordering a new Isuzu CV boot through us at its first sign of failure.