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Isuzu Headers

Isuzu headers are a custom exhaust system upgrade, designed to provide more power and performance to your vehicle. If your vehicle is not giving the response you would like when you pull out to the fast lane, perhaps the added boost of power that Isuzu headers can provide will make your highway driving a more satisfying experience. The exhaust manifold with which most vehicles are equipped with from the manufacturer can be less efficient than Isuzu headers, causing backpressure that can decrease the power of the engine. The potential for backpressure is created by the method it uses to collect the hot exhaust gasses as they are emitted from the exhaust valves of the engine. The typical exhaust manifold gathers the exhaust emissions from every engine cylinder into a common area, with the burst of exhaust from one cylinder having to fight the pressure of the exhaust emissions of its neighboring cylinder to make its way out to the rest of the exhaust system. Isuzu headers give each cylinder its own little exhaust pipe, allowing the emissions from each to flow smoothly away from the engine, avoiding the interference of exhaust from neighboring cylinders and eliminating the potential for backpressure to decrease the efficiency of the system. With this simple method, Isuzu headers can substantially improve the power output of your engine and increase its efficiency and performance. Isuzu headers are quite easily installed, in most vehicle models they bolt right on to the factory mounting points that hold the exhaust manifold. Our online catalog carries a selection of Isuzu headers, all at very reasonable prices. Ordering is always safe and easy on our secure site, or our expert customer service assistants will be happy to help you order your Isuzu headers when you dial our toll-free number.

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