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Isuzu Knock Sensor

The Isuzu knock sensor is an important little component that helps to support the efficient operation of your engine. By assisting in the prevention of engine knock, the Isuzu knock sensor helps to keep your engine running smoothly, avoiding damage and performance problems that engine knock can cause. The Isuzu knock sensor assists in monitoring for vibration in the engine that can indicate detonation, also called engine knock, which is the explosion of the fuel in the combustion chamber rather than the clean burn of fuel that is necessary for efficient engine operation. When the Isuzu knock sensor detects detonation in the engine cylinders, it sends a voltage signal to the vehicle computer, which will adjust the engine timing to stop the engine knock. This monitoring of the Isuzu knock sensor allows the engine to run close to the point of detonation to optimize its power and efficiency, while not quite reaching it to cause damage and poor engine performance. The Isuzu knock sensor works closely with the engine computer to maintain this delicate balance, keeping the engine at its best. If the Isuzu knock sensor begins to malfunction, failing to send its signal to the computer when detonation occurs, the computer will be unable to determine the presence of a problem to make the proper adjustments and the engine knock will be allowed to continue. This can cause many problems in your vehicle, such as rough running, poor fuel mileage, excess pollution emission, and engine damage. Our online catalog carries a selection of quality Isuzu knock sensor replacements at very affordable prices. Our site is secure and efficient to make ordering your Isuzu knock sensor quick and easy or our toll-free phone line is available for your convenience.