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Isuzu Oxygen Sensor

The Isuzu oxygen sensor is a tiny vehicle component that helps in the regulation of the fuel and air ratio of the engine. To perform at its best, the engine needs a precise balance of fuel and air delivered to the engine cylinders for combustion. This mixture, if balanced correctly, will provide a clean burn of fuel, which in turn provides efficient engine performance and power. The Isuzu oxygen sensor helps in this process, monitoring the amount of oxygen left in the exhaust emissions expelled from the engine after each combustion cycle to determine if the fuel has burned as efficiently as it should. Producing voltage with a chemical reaction, the Isuzu oxygen sensor sends a signal with this voltage to the vehicle computer from its position in the exhaust system of the vehicle, transmitting the level of oxygen present in the exhaust. The computer uses this information from the Isuzu oxygen sensor to determine the amount of adjustment that is necessary in the fuel and air ratio to optimize the performance of the engine. This constant cycle of monitoring and adjustment is necessary due to the changing levels of oxygen concentration in the air. The oxygen level present in the air changes with many factors, such as elevation, air temperature, and the load placed on the engine, among many other variables. The proper function of the Isuzu oxygen sensor makes it possible for your engine to compensate for these changing conditions. Our online catalog carries a selection of quality Isuzu oxygen sensor replacements at very affordable prices. Our secure site will make ordering your Isuzu oxygen sensor fast and easy or our toll-free phone line is available for your convenience.