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Isuzu Rodeo Intermediate Pipe

Spotting a Problematic Isuzu Rodeo Intermediate Pipe

The Isuzu Rodeo's intermediate pipe is one tube on which exhausts passes through to make its way from the engine to the tailpipe. An issue with this part is serious because it means there's a problem with your SUV removing internal waste. The following are some signs you should spot to know that you have a problematic intermediate pipe. It's important that you know when the one on your Rodeo is going bad in order for you to immediately work on it.

Rust and corrosion

Seeing rust and corrosion on the exhaust system is a huge problem. Having patches of these on the intermediate pipe has the potential to create the gaps and holes you want to avoid. Old metal tubes naturally have a tendency to rust. However, certain factors can hasten the rate at which this happens: moist pipes, wet trails, and road salt. If you think that you normally drive under these conditions, the more you should be wary of the intermediate pipe's state.

Unusually loud exhaust

A stock exhaust system that's intact makes a tolerable amount of noise. However, if you suddenly notice that your engine is louder than usual-and you don't remember making any modifications to it-it's possible that an intermediate pipe with holes and gap is to blame. The tube's location near the engine and far from the noise-reducing mufflers and resonators makes it one of the perfect suspects for this type of symptom.

Rattling sounds

Clattering and rattling from underneath the Rodeo is another possible sign of a busted intermediate pipe. The noise is caused by broken exhaust hangers that aren't securing the tube in place. This results to a loose pipe that shakes around every time you drive your SUV. Leave this unattended and there's a chance that this fully falls off and damages the whole exhaust system.

Odd smell and drowsiness

Other than noise, you know you have a bad intermediate pipe if you suddenly smell a good amount of exhaust fumes. A worse symptom is feeling dizzy and drowsy while you drive, especially if you're in the middle of heavy traffic and air isn't circulating well. When this happens, stop driving immediately and get the intermediate pipe repaired! Insisting on driving with a busted one is dangerous to both your SUV and anybody riding the Rodeo.

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  • Basic Care Tips For an Isuzu Rodeo Intermediate Pipe

    The Isuzu Rodeo's intermediate pipe is a vital piece of the exhaust system that keeps the vehicle running. Dirty air from the engine passes through this tube and makes its way to the tail pipe where it's expelled to the open air. If this part breaks, you may find smoke passing through gaps in the system and coming from underneath your SUV instead of behind it. Preventing and avoiding problems on this tube are easy to do and shouldn't take lots of resources. The following are some basic care and maintenance tips on the Rodeo's intermediate pipe:

    Secure the pipe's hangers and ends.

    You only want the dirty air to travel through the whole system and out of the tail pipe. Gaps in the intermediate pipe and anywhere on the system are bad news because these mean there are different routes for exhaust gasses to escape. Inspect the hangers holding the intermediate pipe in place. These should be properly intact and secure so that the tube doesn't rattle around when the Rodeo is moving. If the intermediate pipe is given enough room to play, the tendency is for it to create loose connections between the other pipes it's joined to.

    Don't drive the car in short distances.

    Do everything you can to prevent rust buildup on the intermediate pipe and the rest of the exhaust system. When you start using the Rodeo after it's been parked for a considerable amount of time, make sure that you drive it long enough to fully heat the intermediate pipe. Use it for at least 20 to 30 minutes for everything to heat up well. By that time, the pipe is hot enough and all moisture particles are removed. A parked vehicle tends to have a moisture buildup inside the exhaust system. The wetness can cause rust and corrosion if the metal the water's on is only slightly heated.

    Cover the car when not in use.

    Place a tarpaulin cover or a big sheet over the car when you're going to park it overnight. The more you should do this if you don't plan on using it for a very long time. A cover protects the Rodeo from rust-causing moisture creeping up and making its way to the intermediate pipe.