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Isuzu Rodeo Radiator Support

How to Troubleshoot the Isuzu Rodeo Radiator Support

Just as how important the radiator is to the cooling system, so is the radiator support to the radiator. It is where the radiator is mounted as it keeps the engine cool. However, due to external factors, such as debris, rust, and even collision, this frame is always at risk of breaking or wearing out. This could result in engine overheating as well as damage to the other parts of the cooling system. Below are some troubleshooting tips when your Toyota Camry's radiator supports needs rescuing:

Hood won't shut

If, after a head-on collision, you notice that your hood doesn't fully shut, then there might be a problem with the radiator support. Locate your car's radiator support and check if it became bent as a result of the crash. A quick fix could be bending it back into shape using c-clamps and wood. Do this carefully to avoid further damaging the frame. However, if it seems to be beyond repair, might as well replace it with a new one. A replacement part is affordable and direct-fit; you can even install it on your own.

Rusted out

Since the radiator support is in close contact with the radiator, it is susceptible to coolant residue and debris, which could lead to corrosion. Once it succumbs to rust, it also puts your car's radiator at risk. It is important to check the radiator support for rust spots that can still be fixed before the rust eats it completely. You better replace it immediately and apply rust-proofing to the new part to ensure that it would last longer than its usual service life.


Unnecessary shakes coming from the front-end of your vehicle could get very annoying, especially when you are driving in high speed. Consequently, this could also be caused by a problem in the cooling system. Check the radiator support for any loose bolt or worn-out bushing that would cause it to be unstable. If you are correct, all you have to do is to tighten the bolts and if the vibrations persist, might as well have your car checked by the mechanic to diagnose the problem.

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  • Four Quick Ways to Maintain the Isuzu Rodeo Radiator Support

    The radiator, together with the other components in the cooling system, keeps the Isuzu Rodeo from overheating, and the radiator support enables the radiator to stabilize, to perform its function. This tag team should always be kept in good condition to ensure that the vehicle is always at its best. Dirt and rust are the common culprits behind a worn-out radiator support. Before your Isuzu Rodeo's radiator succumbs to corrosion and old age, here's how you can keep it in good shape for a long time:

    Keep it clean.

    Like any car component, cleaning the radiator support makes it less susceptible to rust. With the right cleaning solution, you can keep it from dirt and grime buildup. Since it is situated near the radiator, it is prone to dirt and coolant buildup, especially if a leak is causing the coolant to seep in. Whenever you refill the coolant, make sure to check and clean the radiator support.

    Add rust-proofing.

    If you are considering a radiator support replacement, we recommend that you apply rust-proofing to the replacement part before installing it. This way, you are secured that it will last longer than the expected lifespan of the product. You can buy an affordable rust-proof spray or paint and apply it entirely on the radiator support. You can use a long spray tip to ensure that you've got the corners of it covered as well.

    Have a skilled mechanic to replace it.

    Since the radiator support is spot-welded into the assembly, drilling the spot welds is required to remove it. You may want to reconsider removing it by yourself, since it is a tricky job. Just have it checked by your trusted mechanic to ensure that there will be no problems after the installation. You don't want to risk this part since it holds the radiator into place.

    Check for breaks or cracks.

    Over time, even the toughest steel becomes worn-out due to damaging factors, such as rust and debris. You can check the radiator support for cracks and breaks, especially if you recently had a collision incident. This way, you can inspect its condition, whether it has been damaged in the crash and it has to be replaced. A broken Isuzu Rodeo radiator support should immediately be replaced to avoid putting the radiator at a greater risk.