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Isuzu Rodeo Water Pump

A Few Simple Ways to Keep The Isuzu Rodeo Water Pump Working Smoothly

Your Isuzu Rodeo water pump is built with one important function: to keep your engine cool and running. Over time, it will slowly wear down and problems such as an overheating engine could occur. If it breaks, then almost nothing could stop your car engine from suddenly exploding. This will hurt your wallet a whole lot more than just making sure the water pump works all right. To make sure that your water pump keeps working in optimum shape, never forget to take care of it regularly. Here are a few maintenance tips you could easily do at home:

Keep water pump fluid levels high

Make it a routine to refill your water pump regularly. Many engine-heating problems come from not having enough coolant to pump. Depeding on how your drive, the water pump could easily dry up all your coolant if you like pushing your car to its utmost limit. Always keep track of how low your coolant gets after certain number of miles. This could tell you if there has been a leak if they down go too quickly.

Always use clean coolant for you water pump

Too many water pump problems have happened due to someone using coolant without checking if it is clean or not. Dirty fluid contains amounts of debris inside, which slowly damages the internal components of your water pump, wearing them down faster than usual. Contaminated fluid also hinders the cooling process of your engine greatly, leading to a overheating even though fluid levels are high. When refilling, always use a fresh stock of coolant, preferably one newly bought. When storing it, make it is in a clean space when dust and other debris will not reach it easily.

Regularly inspect your water pump for leaks

When checking for leaks, make sure that you cool down the engine first. Then, feel around the water pump for any cracks. If they are small enough, then sealing them would be no problem. Another way to indicate leaks easily is by leaving a piece of paper or cloth overnight. If there are stains, then all you have to do is to pinpoint the leaks and close them up.

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  • DIY Diagnosis for Your Isuzu Rodeo Water Pump

    The Isuzu Rodeo water pump is a simple device, yet is one of the most vital. It acts as a cooling system for your vehicle, so that your engine will not overheat even if you put it through extreme work. In time, though, it will eventually wear down, whether it is from the internal components or the outside area. If you want to maintain good longevity to your water pump, then you need to start troubleshooting. Here are the most common problems associated with water pumps, as well as their causes and quick solutions:

    Fluid leaks

    Water or coolant leaks from the water pump are a common problem that could cause severe damage to your engine if not dealt with immediately. You will realize this easily if you keep adding water to your radiator or when your seal suddenly pops. To make sure that it is the water pump, put a piece of paper under it and leave it overnight. Upon returning, if it is wet, then your suspicions are confirmed. These could be easily sealed, unless the leak is too much, in which case a replacement is necessary.

    Heat problems

    A rise in engine temperature could be seen clearly from the gauge inside your vehicle. If it is reading higher than normal numbers, then there might be some internal damage done to your water pump. Take a look inside to see if the impeller blades have corroded. Contaminated coolant has an abrasive property, wearing down the compenent. This type of damage prevents the coolant from circulating efficiently, which in turn prevents the engine from staying at normal temperature.


    When you hear squealing sounds under the hood, then then the problem probably comes from the belt. Inspect it by pushing it or grabbing it then moving it around. You should be able to feel tightness to it, and there should be minimal slack. A loose belt makes the pump funciton poorly. If this is the case, then just replace the belt. Make sure that it fits well on your water pump, and that it is not too tight, else it would not operate well.