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Isuzu Valve Cover

You will find your Isuzu valve cover bolted on to your engine's cylinder head at the top of the engine block. The Isuzu valve cover protects an important part of your engine. Inside your cylinder heads are the combustion chambers that mix air and fuel to create the reaction that powers your vehicle. As part of your valve train, the Isuzu valve cover allows for air and fuel to enter the combustion chambers, and lets exhaust escape. Specifically, the Isuzu valve cover protects against valve train leaks, which can damage your engine. Isuzu valve covers are adjustable and easy to remove and refasten. This is good news for you, since the Isuzu valve cover is made of thin sheet metal that can be bent or distorted by over-tightening the screws that hold it on to the cylinder head. If your Isuzu valve cover is bent or damaged, you should replace it as soon as possible to prevent potentially damaging engine leaks. Along with the oil pan, the Isuzu valve cover is one of the most common sources of oil leaks. Visually inspect your Isuzu valve cover for signs of bending or leaking, and when you need a new Isuzu valve cover, check out our extensive online catalogue for a quality replacement part at a great price. You can place your order for a new Isuzu valve cover by calling our toll-free service number, or using our simple and secure online order form. Oil leaks not only cost you more in buying quarts of oil, they can also damage other parts of your engine and wind up creating a more expensive repair. It is a good practice to check your Isuzu valve cover each time you change your oil, and replaced damaged or leaking valve covers right away.