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Jaguar XK8 Control Arm

Common Issues behind a Faulty Jaguar Xk8 Control Arm

A crucial part of the steering and suspension system, your Jaguar Xk8's control arms are designed to withstand extreme vibration and pressure. But still, these parts are not immune to wear and tear and they may soon cause problems to your vehicle if not maintained in top shape and function. You see, faulty control arms may roughen your ride and cause loose steering. If you think your Xk8 is having a control arm problem, you better jack your auto up and troubleshoot. Listed below are just some of the common issues that owners experience when driving a Jaguar Xk8 with defective control arms.

Clunking and thumping noise

Bent control arms or worn out control arm bushings will produce a clunking and thumping noise when you drive. The degraded bushings cause the Jaguar Xk8's control arms to rattle especially when maneuvering around corners. You see, this symptom is more frequently noticeable when driving at lower speeds.

Wobbly wheels and wobbly ride

If you find your Jaguar moving like a flimsy cat, then there is a big chance that the control arms are out of order. This will cause wobbly wheels, which will eventually lead to a hard-to-control auto on the road. Too much movement on the wheels puts you in a difficult position to control the vehicle especially in slippery roads. You can test if your car's control arms are defective by jacking up the car and attempting to move the wheel. If you find the wheel and suspension to move easily, then there is a need to replace the control arm or control arm bushings.

Leaning to one side when accelerating or decelerating

Sometimes, only one of the control arms is defective. This is manifested when the Jaguar Xk8 tends to lean on one side when you are about to accelerate or when about to hit the brakes.

Steering problems

If both sides of the control arms are faulty, then your vehicle will have steering problems. Other symptoms that show steering problems may include a wobbly steering wheel. This is noticeable when driving at higher speeds of about 45-60 miles per hour.

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  • Tips to Maintain Your Jaguar Xk8 Control Arm in Top Shape

    The bridge to the wheel and suspension assembly, the control arm is a crucial piece to your vehicle's steering. Overtime, the control arms may exhibit signs of wear and tear that ranges from steering issues to difficulty in braking. To make sure that your Jaguar Xk8 is in its optimum condition, follow these quick, easy, and trouble-free tips to keep the control arms in top shape:

    • Keep the control arms properly lubricated
    • Overtime, your car's control arms wear out and may cause a disturbing, clunking sound. If you want to keep rattling at bay, then you must constantly find time to lubricate your control arms in order to prevent early deterioration. In fact, you may also apply penetration oil to the bushings to lessen the possibility of the annoying, thumping sound. Aside from the noise, well-lubricated control arms help prevent cracks for a better steering precision.
    • Replacing control arm bushings and ball joints
    • Your vehicle's control arms are specifically engineered with a rugged frame. However, the bushings are not as tough as the control arms, so they have to be frequently replaced for suspension maintenance.
    • Replacing nylon inserts in control arm ball joints
    • Similar to the control arm's bushings, the control arm's ball joints must be kept in tip-top shape for the control arms to work efficiently. You see, these joints use nylon inserts that need to be replaced before your Jaguar Xk8 reaches the 60,000 mile mark. Failing to replace the inserts will cause suspension issues like shimmying and poor maneuverability.
    • Constant brake testing
    • Prevention is always better than cure. To avoid a brake malfunction, you should constantly test the brakes. You see, faulty control arm and control arm bushings may spell the difference between life and death. So, regularly check if the steering wheel shakes when you hit the brakes. If it does, then the control arms are probably worn out or are starting to degrade. You see, these arms can diminish braking control.
    • Cleanse with the right type of cleaner
    • Certain acid-based cleaners damage the control arm. So, when choosing the right cleaner for the part, use a mild break-dust cleaner to remove stains. These types prevent etching unlike the acid-based types.