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Jeep A/C Compressor

From the past until the present, Jeep has always been the brand name that off-road adventurers would look for in a vehicle. That is because Jeep vehicles have not failed the expectations of these adventurers. From past to present, Jeep vehicles have always been thatpowerful sport/utility vehicles capable of trekking just about any off-road track. But there is one thing that separates newer Jeep vehicles from their predecessors. That one thing is comfort, a characteristic credited largely to the air conditioning system that newer Jeep vehicles are equipped with.

The Jeep air conditioning system provides comfort to every Jeep passenger by keeping the temperature inside the vehicle well controlled. The AC system does this by circulating a heat absorbing fluid, called refrigerant, through the evaporator inside the vehicle. This absorbed heat would then be transferred to the outside air as the refrigerant flows through the AC condenser. This heat transfer, however, would only be possible if the refrigerant is circulating in the system. And to facilitate this circulation, there is the Jeep AC compressor.

The Jeep AC compressor is a mechanical pump driven by a belt attached to the Jeep's engine. Often referred to as the heart of the auto air conditioning system, the primary function of the AC compressor is to pump refrigerant in a closed loop through the system. More specifically, the compressor sucks in the hot refrigerant from the evaporator or in some cases the accumulator, both parts of the AC system's low pressure side. Inside the compressor, the refrigerant is compressed and converted into high pressure gas, then pumped out to the condenser where it is cooled. From the condenser, the refrigerant is pushed further back the evaporator, thus circulating in a closed loop system.

So what happens when the Jeep compressor stops pumping? Your Jeep would still be the same capable off-road trekker but it will lose much of its "comfort" characteristics. With the compressor simply not working, there is no way for the heat inside your SUV to be transferred to the outside air. Thus, if the AC compressor of your Jeep fails, it is recommended that it be replaced immediately.