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Jeep Air Deflector

A Jeep air deflector is an amazing little aftermarket addition, precisely engineered to redirect the flow of air. This is useful in all three of the areas that a Jeep air deflector is commonly installed. When installed on the side windows, a Jeep air deflector set will help to prevent wind and road noise from reaching disturbing levels when the windows are open, and will also redirect the wind and rain, helping to keep them out of the vehicle. When you have a Jeep air deflector installed over the rear window, it redirects the airflow, serving to help keep the rear window clean, which is important to being able to clearly see what is behind you. Installing a Jeep air deflector on the hood will help to keep the windshield clean also, as it redirects the flow of air up and over the vehicle, taking with it most of what gets caught up in the flow of air, as well. That means you'll have a great deal fewer splattered insect bodies to deal with, less road debris will strike your hood and windshield directly, risking scratches and dings, and you'll also drive safer in inclement weather, as a great deal of the rain and snow is also carried up and over the vehicle. The durable, shatter-proof acrylic from which the typical Jeep air deflector is made is sure to last for years, and the same precision design that allows it to perform its tasks so well also ensures that it is an attractive accessory, as well as a practical and surprisingly affordable one. Installation of a Jeep air deflector is a fast and simple process, and each comes with all the necessary hardware to complete the task, as well as a clearly written set of instructions that are sure to guide you through the process successfully. You'll easily find just the right Jeep air deflector to suit your needs in our online catalog, and ordering is always safe and convenient, whether you choose to place your order online or by dialing our toll-free telephone number.