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Jeep Air Filter

The internal combustion process within the engine of your Jeep requires three major components, which are a good supply of air, a suitable spark, and a free flowing exhaust. When the Jeep air filter becomes clogged, it will rob you vehicle of not only power, but of fuel mileage, as well. Fortunately, our online catalog has a full section of replacement filters for your Jeep, and most are in stock and ready to ship immediately. The Jeep air filter is responsible for removing dirt and other substances from the air that could possibly cause harm to the engine, if they were allowed to pass. It must do this job while ensuring that the engine continues to receive the proper amount of cool, dense air to operate. The amount of air coming through the Jeep air filter is partially responsible for the amount of power the engine makes. The engine computer adjusts the air to fuel ratio to match the amount of incoming air, and if this amount is low, the fuel will be reduced. Our Jeep air filter will make a great replacement for the original unit, because it is made to match all of the specifications of the original unit, and it has a full warranty from the manufacturer. For performance applications, we also offer versions of the Jeep air filter with increased airflow and filtering abilities, and as an added benefit, this type of filter is reusable. Simply wash it and reinstall it when the unit becomes clogged. Order today, either online or via our toll-free telephone number, and you can soon expect your new Jeep air filter to arrive, ready for a quick installation.