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Jeep Axle Assembly

Your Jeep axle assembly combines the function of a driveshaft and an axle. In this manner, the Jeep axle assembly permits your tires to maneuver, move up and down in response to the road, in addition to relaying your Jeep's engine torque through your transmission to the wheels and to the pavement. Your Jeep axle assembly includes your CV joints, allowing your tires to move in a responsive, yet appropriately balanced, way. However, as with any vehicle part, especially those that operate on a friction basis, normal wear will eventually cause the joints in your Jeep axle assembly to deteriorate and require replacement. Occasionally, you may be able to forgo an entire system replacement by repairing one lost joint at a time, but there may come a point where it may be most beneficial to replace the whole Jeep axle assembly. When this time comes, you can have peace of mind in knowing that our online catalog carries the Jeep axle assembly in stock. So, rather than blindly hunting it down at every local Tom, Dick and Harry's auto parts store, you can order your replacement Jeep axle assembly on our securely encrypted online ordering site. You may also place your order via our toll-free number with one of our customer service specialists who will be glad to answer any of your Jeep axle assembly inquiries. Ground shipping on orders of $50 or more is free and our speedy order processing center handles and ships each order quickly and accurately so that you may receive your Jeep axle assembly fast and in the comfort of your home. Your Jeep axle assembly is a very important to your ability to handle your vehicle properly and the ability of your vehicle to move at all, so if yours is worn down and worn out, you can order your replacement conveniently through us.