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Jeep Brake Caliper

Your Jeep braking system is made up of a variety of parts, including brake pads, brake discs, brake rotors, and a Jeep brake caliper pair. Your Jeep brake caliper set is bolted to the frame of your vehicle. Its job is to squeeze your brake pads against your rotors, enabling your Jeep to come to a stop by way of friction. The importance of your Jeep brake caliper set is invaluable, since it enables one of most important functions you expect from your vehicle, which is the ability to come to a stop. Because of the importance of your Jeep brake caliper set, it would be good to make checking yours a part of your vehicle's regular scheduled maintenance. Each Jeep brake caliper set has pistons, which are what allow it to compress and expand. If one or more of these pistons are popping out, it shouldn't be. This is an indication that your Jeep brake caliper needs to be replaced. Our online catalog carries a variety of Jeep replacement parts and accessories, including the Jeep brake caliper. Once you have located the correct Jeep brake caliper for your year and model, you may go to our encrypted ordering site to safely place your order. If you prefer to place your Jeep brake caliper order directly with one of our skilled customer service specialists, you may do so through our toll-free phone number. All orders are speedily handled and shipped out by our order processing center and orders of $50 or higher are ground shipped for free, if desired. Driving your Jeep with a damaged Jeep brake caliper is an unnecessary danger that we can help you take care of promptly when you order a replacement Jeep brake caliper through us.