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Jeep Brake Pad Set

Most understand that what permits your Jeep brake pads to function effectively is the principal of friction. However, many are unaware of the fact that there are two different types of friction enabling your Jeep brake pads to perform their function. These two are abrasive and adherent friction. Jeep brake pads are available in abrasive, adherent or a combination of these friction types. It is very important to your braking capability that you have Jeep brake pads that are intact and functioning. Worn Jeep brake pads offer your braking system minimal friction, meaning that when your caliper pushes the pads against the brake disc, it will take longer to slow and to achieve a full stop. Driving with low Jeep brake pads puts you in unnecessary danger, especially since it is a fairly simple issue to repair. If, during your regular maintenance check, you realize that your brake pads are worn, or if your Jeep brake pad sensors have alerted you to a problem, then you should replace them immediately, in order to restore the smooth and reliable slowing and safe stopping of your vehicle. You'll find an excellent selection of Jeep brake pads in our online catalog, and our inventory includes a variety of performance levels, so if your vehicle endures hard use on a regular basis, you'll be able to find the brake pads you need to withstand such stress. Once you have located the Jeep brake pads best for your vehicle and driving circumstances, you can use our well-encrypted ordering site anytime of the day or night and if you prefer to order by telephone, you are welcome to use our professionally staffed toll-free line.