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Jeep Catalytic Converter

A Jeep vehicles natural element is in the wilds, communing with Mother Nature. Designed to be like an animal in its Habitat, a Jeep vehicle can traverse even the wildest trails with its off-road and 4 by 4 capabilities. With that in mind, Jeep would not create its vehicles to destroy its own habitation. Jeep is very concerned about the emissions cars may make with their engines, the bigger the engines the bigger the emissions. The gases flowing from the exhaust system is a byproduct that harmfully affects the air we breathe. That is why the catalytic converter was taken upon as a solution to this predicament. Many states have made this mandatory for all vehicles. Jeep has recognized this as a great solution and is very happy to oblige with the law.

So what does a catalytic converter do? A catalytic converter is part of the vehicle's exhaust system, it provides an area where a chemical reaction occurs in which unburned hydrocarbons completely combust to dispose of harmful toxics, these is where the combustion process is totally completed. Catalytic Converters are only for gasoline-powered engines; diesel-powered vehicles do not have this emissions control equipment. Also, one detail became a debated contest; catalytic converters don't work with lead, which is why the promotion of unleaded gasoline became very popular and lead to the demise of the leaded gasoline as primary choice for gasoline-fed engines. If a Jeep's catalytic converter is no longer in tip-top working condition, it can be replaced with a high-flow unit that is less restrictive, to decrease backpressure and maximize the vehicle's gas mileage and performance. Even though in some countries catalytic converters are not mandatory, it is still a safe bet when you install one in your Jeep after all, you wouldn't want your Jeep to lose its home.

It is important that you check your catalytic converters after every off-roading is done or when in normal use after every few months. This way you can make sure it is working at optimum level. Since a Jeep catalytic converter could be found underneath the vehicle, it is possible that it could get damaged. A Jeep catalytic converter may stop to function normally through a different ways. Physical damage is highly plausible. A crack in your catalytic converter can splinter the at risk filtering materials inside, creating a lot of noise and diminishing your car's efficiency to the extent that you may essentially feel a minute difference in driving performance. One more reason is over exposure. Catalytic converters are projected to filter a specific quantity of exhaust, so if your engine is running insufficiently it might be conveying more pollution into the catalytic converter than it is designed to process.

  • Closer Look at Jeep Catalytic Converter

    The Jeep catalytic converter is an important part of the exhaust system, helping to process the fumes emitted by the engine as it runs. The engine produces a number of chemicals as it operates, several that are poisonous to humans and the environment. The exhaust system processes the vehicle emissions to reduce the pollutants and noise that they contain, making the vehicle much friendlier to the environment. The Jeep catalytic converter is responsible for the reduction of harmful chemicals, using an efficient process to remove a large portion of these toxins from the exhaust fumes before they pass into the air we breathe. Several of these harmful chemicals are associated with the formation of smog and acid rain, making the function of the Jeep catalytic converter quite a benefit, reducing the environmental impact of the millions of vehicles on the road today. A ceramic honeycomb style structure is contained within the Jeep catalytic converter, which is coated with catalyst metals. These metals cause a chemical reaction with the molecules of these toxic chemicals, causing some to become trapped inside the Jeep catalytic converter and others to burn away, reducing the amount released from the vehicle tailpipe into the environment. With this reasonably simple but very effective process, the Jeep catalytic converter helps to control the levels of harmful chemicals emitted from your vehicle, significantly reducing its effect on the environment. We carry a selection of quality replacements for your Jeep catalytic converter in our online catalog, all at very affordable prices. Our site is very efficient and secure to make it safe and easy to order your Jeep catalytic converter or our excellent customer service assistants will be happy to help you when you dial our toll-free phone line.