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Jeep Cherokee Air Suspension Compressor

It was in 1974 when the car buying public first came face to face with the vehicle that is to be called the Jeep Cherokee. During that time, the vehicle carried the brand name Jeep SJ. The Jeep Cherokee was first introduced as a sporty, two-door variant of the station wagon. The continuing popularity of the model allowed its makers to improve it over the years, turning it into the epitome of the modern sports utility vehicle in the process.
The Jeep Cherokee has won the hearts of many car fans eversince its presence was felt by the automobile industry. What they especially love about the vehicle is the fact that it is versatile enough to be capable of achievements other vehicles are not. Performance-wise, the Jeep Cherokee boasts of parts capable of making it run like the wind. As far as serviceability is concerned, the vehicle is credited for being flexible enough to be of use to its owners in almost any kind of situation.
The reason why the Jeep Cherokee has energy enough to do everything it is capable of doing is because it employs features that are meant to make it deliver tremendously. One of these is the Jeep Cherokee suspension. The Jeep Cherokee suspension is the system of springs, shock absorbers and linkages that connect the Jeep Cherokee to its wheels. This system is also the one responsible for the great handling and braking the Jeep Cherokee is known for.
One of the things that the Jeep Cherokee is able to boast of is the fact that it is the first Jeep vehicle to possess an independent suspension. Innovative features such as this is the reason why critics commend the Jeep Cherokee for being a vehicle that offers the perfect balance between capability and agility - and a lot of great performance along the way.

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