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Jeep Cherokee Bumper

Jeep Cherokee Front Bumpers

Whether you admit it or not, you are less likely to put your Jeep Cherokee on the roughest terrain. But hey, that is where your Jeep is made for. It can withstand the toughest and roughest terrain imaginable to man. With all its parts made to keep the vehicle intact, you can experience the best off-road ride you could ever have. This is because the Jeep Cherokee have several strong parts from suspensions, drivetrain, engine, and front bumpers. Yes, front bumpers.

Jeep Cherokee front bumper is like no ordinary front bumpers. Ordinary front bumpers, those that are attached on vehicles other than Jeeps are usually made from either aluminum, rubber, or plastic. They are mounted on the front end of the vehicle. In the events of collisions, they could absorb low speed impact. Originally, front bumpers are sanctioned to withstand collision up to 5 mph but today, it is reduced to 2 mph. Faster than that, the vehicle would acquire great damage. Much faster than that, the impact might be fatal to the passengers on board.

Some passenger cars have front bumpers with energy absorbers or sensors which could reduce the amount of impact to the the passengers or warn the vehicle of the impending impact. The energy absorbers are usually made from foam cushioning metal, or a plastic honeycomb also known as "eggcrate". But these features are rarely used on lower trims of vehicles.

Jeep Cherokee front bumpers have the same purpose of protection. The difference can be noticed on exteame conditions like snow and mud. Have you seen a passenger car pulling other car? No. Jeep Cherokee are strong enough to pull different kinds of vehicles that could be trapped on steep hills or on deep mud. Coupled with strong engine, the Jeep Cherokee front bumper can plow much amount of snow and mud that keep the Cherokee going in every terrain it lands on.

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