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Jeep Cherokee Bumper Bracket

Signs Pointing to Jeep Cherokee Bumper Bracket Issues

The bumper of your vehicle is directly attached to its chassis. It should be given a sturdy and secure position to make sure it functions well as a shock absorber in the event of a collision. The bumper bracket connects and secures your bumper to the SUV's chassis. The bracket wears and loosens over time, so you should know when to check it. Following are some signs that tell you to inspect the Jeep Cherokee bumper bracket:

Bumper noise

If you hear a noise coming from the bumper of your automobile, it may mean that its position is not as secured as it should be. There may be a lot of play on it because it is not fastened well into the vehicle chassis. When this happens, check the bumper bracket since it is the one responsible for the sturdy position of the bumper. A screw may have gone loose or the bracket may be completely rusted. A loose screw should be tightened immediately while a rusted bracket should be replaced as soon as possible.

Sagging bumper

A common sign of a bad bumper bracket is the sagging of the bumper. It may be caused by two things-loose or damaged bracket. When you experience this issue, immediately check the bumper bracket. If you notice that the bracket is loose, you have to tighten it immediately. When it is rusted, there is no other option but to replace it. If the proper fix is not immediately done, the bracket might totally give in while you are on the road.

Misplaced fender flares

The sides of your bumper are located near the fender flares of your SUV. If one or both of the fender flares are misplaced, the bumper may be out of its place as well. This issue is not easily spotted until you take a closer look on your bumper and fenders. The problem is caused by a bent bumper bracket, causing a domino effect that results in the misplacement of the fender flares.

Shaking fog lights

The fog lights of your Jeep Cherokee sit on the bumper. If you notice that they are shaking, your bumper may be moving in its place. A loose bumper is caused by a loose Jeep Cherokee bumper bracket. In this case, you need to have the bracket straightened or replaced.

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  • Ways of Keeping Your Jeep Cherokee Bumper Bracket Away from Damage

    Needless to say, your bumper plays an important function to you and your vehicle's safety because it absorbs shocks in the event of a collision. However, this part is totally useless without a sturdy and reliable bumper bracket. This is the mounting hardware that secures the position of your bumper and attaches it to the chassis of your SUV. Your bumper is just as good as its bracket, so you need to make sure the bumper bracket is always in top condition. Following are some ways that would help you:

    Use a grille guard on your SUV.

    A grille guard is mounted right at the front area of the vehicle and just above your bumper. Its purpose is to protect the bumper from major damage in case of a collision. If your bumper is protected, so is the bumper bracket. A grille guard would definitely increase the service life of the bumper bracket because an additional protective layer is added to avoid contact when the vehicle hits something. A grille guard is quite a common option in Jeep Cherokees and also adds a bit of personality to the vehicle.

    Be careful in putting the Jeep Cherokee bumper bracket bolts.

    A common issue with the bumper bracket is that it may be difficult to remove once it is installed to the vehicle for quite some time. This is because the bolts attaching the bracket to the vehicle chassis are too tight. This may be caused by over torque over tightening of the bolts during installation. Over torque can also cause damage to the bracket as too much pressure and stress may come from bolts that are installed too tightly.

    Apply high-quality grease on the bolts that fasten the Jeep Cherokee bumper bracket.

    Rust is one of the main enemies of a metal bumper bracket. Since it is located right in front of your vehicle, it is very much exposed to water and moisture that cause early rusting. Rusting is most especially common on the bolts connecting your bracket to the chassis of your vehicle. An easy trick is applying high-quality grease on the bolts during the first time they are mounted. The thin layer of grease would keep moisture away from the bolt, preventing the possibility of rusting and prolonging the service lives of the bolts and your bumper bracket.