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Jeep Cherokee Dimmer Switch

Common Troubles and Quick Fixes for Your Jeep Cherokee Dimmer Switch

Can too much light be too much for you? When on a night adventure with your Jeep Cherokee, lights-inside on your instrument panel and outside with your headlights-are very important. Sometimes, however, they're actually too bright that they can blind you and the drivers around you to the dangers on the road. The dimmer switch is the simple remedy for that situation as it allows you control over the luminosity or brightness of the lights on your panel as well as your headlights. With the dimmer switch working properly, you don't have to rely on one single level of brightness the whole time. There are few things that can go wrong with your dimmer switch. Here they are with the best quick fixes you can apply:

Non-dimming lights

The very first clear sign that your dimmer switch is starting to mess up is when the lights on your dash and your headlights don't dim at all. You can flick the switch all you want but nothing at all seems to get those lights dimming. This is one of the tougher symptoms because the culprit to blame is likely a fault somewhere in the wiring of the dimmer switch-which is inconveniently located within the steering wheel column. Sometimes, shutting off the lights completely and turning them on again remedies the situation-if it's simply a shortage of electricity delivered to the lights and switch. If that doesn't work, it's best to get the wiring replaced before a major short occurs that could bring down the lights along with it.

Wonky, loose switch

The second-and far less common-dimmer switch fault lies with actual physical switch itself. The great thing about a dimmer switch in full function is that it gives satisfying feedback whenever it is used-a tactile and audible "click" sound. Over time, and with advancing age, this mechanism starts loosening up and may even fail entirely-providing no stopping point for the switch when engaged. The best solution is to have it replaced immediately. You could, however, push the switch in tight while twisting it to allow it to function-at least long enough to get a replacement.

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  • Keeping Your Jeep Cherokee Dimmer Switch in Tiptop Working Condition

    Lights are a great thing on a rugged adventurer like the Jeep Cherokee. Unless you-and your Jeep-have in-born night vision, lights inside and outside are a great thing, indeed. Sometimes, however, there is such a thing as too much light. Like, say if the instrument panel is too bright, you might be 20/20 on how your engine is working and how fast you're going, but be totally blinded to the road at night-or if your headlights are too bright that they blind the poor schmuck trying to pass you on that dark country road. That's where the dimmer switch comes in. It's designed to give you total control over the lights inside and outside your Jeep Cherokee. And for reasons of safety, taking care of them is a big deal.

    Test the switches constantly.

    The first step to good dimmer switch maintenance is being aware of it functionality over time. These generally take a long time before they start messing up but should be able to "catch" it as it starts to cause the lights to be dimmer than usual. A quick way to differentiate this extra dimming from a failure of the headlights themselves is to notice the constancy of the dim. If it is far dimmer than normal and continues to get even dimmer-it's the headlight or instrument panel lights that are at fault. If, on the other hand, it is dimmer than usual but stays at that level constantly the dimmer switches' wiring is in need of some looking into.

    Keep the wiring clean and untangled.

    Don't worry, we don't mean that you have to constantly disassemble your dash to dust the wiring and innards of the dimmer switch every single week. You simply have to include the dimmer switch among the things you look over during an annual maintenance run. It's best, in fact, to have a certified mechanic look over the components of the dimmer switch and check the wiring for any signs of damage or deterioration-these are what cause poor future performance. If these wires should be replaced immediately, do so.