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Jeep Cherokee Turn Signal Switch

Common Signs of a Jeep Cherokee Turn Signal Switch Going Bad

The turn signals of your Jeep Cherokee are very crucial safety features in your SUV because they let other drivers know of your intentions of turning. Without it, drivers would need to communicate among each other in a different way. Unfortunately, your turn signal switch that controls them is prone to various issues. It is vulnerable to wearing out and damage, causing problems with the turn signal operations. With this, you need to be cautious of the slightest issue with your turn signal switch.

Turn signals not working

The most obvious sign of a damaged turn signal switch is turn signals that do not function at all. Your turn signal switch may develop corrosion that affects the electric signals running through it. To verify if it really is an issue with your switch, you need to visually inspect it. When the copper contacts inside the switch is color blue, you need to replace your switch altogether.

Brake lights do not work properly

This is a common issue with the turn signal switch. Unfortunately, it is often mistakenly associated with faults in the brake lights themselves. Sometimes, the weight of the turn signal switch lever breaks the switch. When this happens, the circuits that control the brake lights are commonly affected. This results in difficult or intermittent functions of the brake lights.

Turn signals do not turn off after turning

Your turn signals are supposed to shut off once you actually do your turn. If it does otherwise, there may be an issue with the turn signal actuator inside your switch. This can be caused by a missing spring that does not allow electric signals to flow into the turn signal assemblies. With this, you need to check your turn signal actuator. It is located right behind the horn plate inside your steering column.

Horn not working

Located inside the steering column together with your Jeep Cherokee turn signal switch is your horn plate which controls the buzzing of your SUV's horn. If your turn signal switch is not mounted securely, it may move from its place and affect the horn plate. With this, you need to inspect if the screws holding your turn signal switch have the proper sizes. Incorrect screw size is the common culprit for a moving turn signal switch.

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  • How to Guarantee Yourself of a Lasting Jeep Cherokee Turn Signal Switch

    Your Jeep Cherokee is an SUV that can withstand the hardest terrains. Good thing is that it has safety features that protect you from the risks of its rugged activities. Most of these safety functions such as brake lights, horn, and emergency flashers are controlled by the turn signal switch. The slightest issue with your turn signal switch affects these functions and your safety. Because of these, you need to provide special attention to your Jeep Cherokee turn signal switch.

    Use your turn signal switch gently.

    Like most parts in your steering column, your turn signal switch is made of plastic. With this, it is advised that you take extra care when operating the switch. It can break easily with any excess force. This results in difficulty with activating the turn signals and other vehicle functions.

    Regularly clean your Jeep Cherokee turn signal switch.

    Your turn signal switch works both electrically and mechanically. With this, you need to make sure that the switch functions well in both aspects. To keep its electric components work well, it is advisable to spray electric cleaner on them. As for the mechanical parts, dialectic grease would be enough for lubrication. When there is a sign of corrosion, air compressor would do the trick.

    Make sure your turn signal switch is placed securely inside the steering column.

    The placement of the your turn signal switch is an important factor in making it last longer. Because of your steering column's activities, your turn signal switch tends to move out of its place. When this happens, it would break and affect the turn signal operations. At times, it can even disrupt the electric signals of nearby parts such as the horn plate.

    Often check the wiring connections concerning your turn signal switch.

    Your Jeep Cherokee turn signal switch controls the turn signal assembly through the electrical system. To ensure that electric signals are delivered smoothly from your switch to the light assemblies, check the wiring connections from time to time.

    Remove the paint on the steering column where your turn signal switch attaches.

    It is important for your turn signal switch to have a good ground. With this, many owners remove the paint coating of the steering column to make way for good ground.