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Jeep CJ5 Steering Gearbox

Jeep CJ5 Steering Gearbox: How it Can Go Wrong and What to Do About It

The great thing about the Jeep CJ5 steering gearbox is that when it's about to break down, it lets you know about it well before hand. That's a good thing too as nothing is more dangerous than a busted steering gearbox. Listed here are the things you can look out for to know when things are starting to go south for your steering gearbox.

Jerky steering

The first and easiest to discern symptom of steering gearbox fault is when the response of the steering column starts to become uneven. That is to say, the steering wheel starts to feel like it is "getting away from you" with even the simplest of motions on your part. This is an early symptom that is likely tied to the gears within the Jeep CJ5 steering gearbox. The simple remedy to this is to apply liberal amount of grease on the gears within the box.

Loose linkages

The second symptom manifest itself with a steering wheel that feels loose even when your Jeep is at rest. Even the slightest touch of the wheel makes it slip left or right uncontrollably. At this point, the gears are really starting to get affected by whatever damage it is bearing. It might help to re-grease if the box itself doesn't appear to be wholly damaged, but a trip to the mechanics might be better advised as the next phase of break down can get nasty.

Total steering failure

If you visually inspect the gearbox at this point, you are likely to find that the box itself is already cracked and leaking fluid from its seals. This is the absolute worst things can get, and the result for you is total inability to steer even the littlest bit. If it reaches this point, it pointless to try and fix things for yourself as the damaged box holds the gears-these gears are likely to be out of sync and damaged. Naturally, you'd want to never reach this point so the best advice that can be given is to consider replacement options when you experience the first two symptoms.

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  • Keeping Your Jeep CJ5 Steering Gearbox in Top Shape

    People take for granted many things that their vehicles cannot do without. Even a rugged ride like a Jeep CJ5 needs a working steering gearbox to let it navigate through any terrain it goes deep into. Before you have to face the consequences of a busted steering gearbox-in effect, no way to move around or turn-it's better to play things safe, and take care of the condition that they are currently in. Here are a few tips to have you do just that.

    • Check it out.
    • Most of the time the key to maintaining a part is to constantly check on its condition. Granted, a Jeep CJ5 steering gearbox isn't something you can just 'peek into', it's worth the effort. The gearbox itself is located at the end of your steering shaft well into the front of your Jeep, you can see it from under the hood, but it pays to check from under the chassis. The inspection is simple enough, look for cracks or any visible signs of damage as well as if there is sufficient lubrication on the gears. Inspections should be done at least once a year.
    • Grease them down.
    • Part of the reason that gears within the gearbox can get damaged is that they are improperly lubricated-this can lead to a lot of friction-induced damage. Grease-thick, industrial-grade-grease is perfect for the rack and pinion within the gearbox because it won't evaporate for a long time and does the job of keeping the gearbox in top shape. There is no particular brand that needs to be used so long as the grease used is for automotive applications. One should grease the gears every 6 months at best, though doing so in tandem with the visual inspections should be fine.
    Other general tipsA few other tips for proper maintenance involve use of the steering wheel as well. First, avoid using abrupt jerking motions when turning the wheel-smooth turns will do. Second, when disengaging the steering column from its locked position when starting the car, don't be too aggressive. Rough motions on the steering wheel translate to rough movement within the gearbox which can lead to damage.