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Jeep Clutch Kit

The Jeep clutch kit is a great convenience for the maintenance of your vehicle, presenting everything you need to keep the clutch assembly smooth and efficient in one convenient package. The clutch assembly is crucial to the operation of your vehicle, forming the connection that allows the power produced by the engine to be transferred to the transmission, which then passes it along through the rest of the drive train components to power the drive wheels. The clutch assembly works hard as it is engaged and disengaged at every stop and start and at every shift of gears, subjected to a great deal of stress and wear in the process. A number of components in the clutch assembly require regular maintenance or replacement to keep this vital connection operable. Among the most frequent maintenance needs in the clutch assembly is the replacement of the clutch disc, a part that is commonly included in the Jeep clutch kit. Coated with a friction compound, the clutch disc is designed to make contact with the flywheel, pressing against it tightly to lock the engine and transmission together when the clutch is engaged. As the clutch disc performs this function, its friction coating will gradually wear away, making its periodic replacement necessary. Some other clutch assembly parts that are likely to require replacement are the pressure plate, springs and bearings, also commonly included in the Jeep clutch kit, avoiding the hassle and expense of purchasing these components separately. We carry a quality selection of the Jeep clutch kit in our user-friendly online catalog. Our excellent prices and expert customer service will make ordering your Jeep clutch kit quick and convenient whether you use our secure site or our toll-free phone line.

Jeep Clutch Kit Models