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Jeep Coolant Reservoir

The engine of your car has to go through complex processes which involve extreme heat to produce the much needed power to be given off to the various systems and mechanisms of the car to keep it going. The primary step in producing power is the combustion of the air and fuel mixture which requires massive surge of heat to squeeze out the needed energy. The heat can speed up the wear and tear of the power trains that is why to balance its effect, the car is equipped with a cooling system which includes the coolant tank. With the cooling system in place, the power train of the car is then protected from the negative effect of too much heat.
Cars are equipped with either of the two general types of cooling systems which can make use of air or liquid. Air controlled cooling system comes with a powerful fan that can change the heat produced from the power train to the circulating air. The other type on the other hand uses cool liquid that goes through the pipes and chambers of the engine. The coolant or the liquid absorbs the heat given off during the combustion process thus too much heat is reduced. The liquid is then passed on to the radiator to separate the heat from the liquid. The heat is then given off into the open air.

The coolant tank or the storage area of the water must be made from tough quality materials to ensure that it will be free from leaks that can just waste the coolant. Water and ethylene glycol or anti freeze are the main components comprising the coolant liquid. Without the anti freeze, water alone can freeze especially if it has to go through extreme temperature.
The coolant that the vehicle uses is made up of water and ethylene glycol or antifreeze. Water alone can freeze in cases of extreme temperature but with ethylene glycol, the boiling and freezing point is decreased. Thus the liquid can freely flow from one pipe to the other to cool down the hot temperature that can cause overheating. The antifreeze component can as well prevent rust and corrosion. The coolant liquid is a must for the cooling system to function. The coolant tank must be constantly checked for leaks that can waste the liquid. The storage area or the tank must be made from durable quality materials to ensure that the liquid is free from contamination that can hinder its efficiency.