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Jeep Cylinder Head Gasket

In your Jeep vehicle, the Jeep head gasket is one of the most critical gaskets and perhaps the most important seal in the automobile's engine. It is because the Jeep head gasket needs to seal all of the combustion chambers as well as the coolant and oil passages positioned in the middle of the head and the block. The Jeep head gasket's job is to give a leak-free sealing from the time it is mounted, and to maintain that seal throughout the life of the engine, if possible.

When your Jeep head gasket didn't last long, there's surely a reason why. And the reasons for defective Jeep head gaskets are classified into three categories - the head gasket design, installation errors and operating conditions. Among the design issues that usually arise with the engine or the head gasket are hard-to-seal engine, thermal stress produced by bimetal engine and poor gasket design.

The installation errors include head or block that isn't clean, flat and smooth; uneven surface finish; using improper or wrong sequence; wrong procedure or torque specifications particularly when tightening the head bolts; utilizing damaged, stretched, used or dirty bolts; employing a sealer on a gasket that doesn't need a sealer; and many other errors. The engine's operating conditions can also overstress the Jeep head gasket and may cause it to malfunction, leading to preignition, overheating and detonation.

Jeeps are tough and outstanding vehicles and Jeep head gaskets also offer a tough life. Usually positioned between the cylinder head and the engine block, Jeep head gasket is accountable for holding all the heat and the compression created by the vehicle's engine. The Jeep head gasket stresses becomes even greater if you install a supercharger, turbocharger or high-compression engine in your vehicle.

Jeep head gasket failure can easily be detected. The symptoms of damaged or blown Jeep head gasket includes coolant in the engine oil, low compression taking place in two adjacent cylinders, and overheating. If your Jeep vehicle has the signs of blown Jeep head gasket, better consult a mechanic and have it replaced. Remember that a head gasket problem is not an easy thing to work with and repair can be lengthy, difficult and a bit tiresome.

  • Closer Look at Jeep Cylinder Head Gasket

    The Jeep head gasket is one of the most important seals in the engine, designed to hold up against the intense heat and extreme pressure of engine combustion. Forming a tight seal between the cylinder head and the engine block, the Jeep head gasket keeps these forces contained within the combustion chambers, protecting many delicate engine parts from the damage they are capable of causing. The Jeep head gasket also seals the passages between the cylinder head and the block through which oil and coolant pass, keeping these fluids contained and performing their important functions effectively. While the seal of the Jeep head gasket is designed to last throughout the life of the engine, there are a number of circumstances that can cause it to fail prematurely. Engine overheating can be very damaging, causing the cylinder head to swell or warp, crushing the Jeep head gasket to breach the seal. If warping has occurred, a replacement Jeep head gasket may not be able to seal correctly, as the mating surfaces of the cylinder head and engine block may no longer align properly. Detonation in the combustion process can be harmful to the Jeep head gasket also, the excess heat and pressure it produces causing damage to the combustion armor in the chamber, leaving the seal vulnerable to failure. Our user-friendly online catalog carries a selection of quality replacements for the Jeep head gasket, all at very affordable prices. Our site is well organized and secure to make ordering your Jeep head gasket fast and easy or our toll-free phone line is just as efficient, staffed with expert customer service assistants who will be happy to help you order your Jeep head gasket.