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Jeep Exhaust Manifold

Jeeps are known to be tough vehicles. These are driving machines that are basically designed to be your companion and service for off-road travels. Jeep vehicles are excellently engineered and powerfully-built to traverse mud, hills, rocky surface and any kind of terrain. Jeep has been in the industry for so long now and it has established a sound reputation especially in the SUV and off-road vehicle department. In fact, people who are fond of off-road works and adventures really appreciate Jeep vehicles because of their toughness and extreme reliability.

One of the vehicle's systems that contribute to Jeep's performance is the exhaust system. This system is composed of tubing, mufflers and catalytic converters that pass on the exhaust gases from the engine to the atmosphere. Jeep's exhaust system usually begins with the exhaust manifold. Generally, it is a cast iron contraption, featuring passages of different lengths that transmit the exhaust gases from the exhaust ports to the header of the exhaust system. Jeep exhaust manifold usually has smooth curves so that vehicle exhaust can flow better.

Just like other exhaust manifolds, Jeep exhaust manifold is bolted to the cylinder head and it usually features openings which serve as the passage of the air that's injected into it. In some cases, when greater performance is needed, the exhaust manifold is usually replaced with individual headers that are tuned for low restriction and enhanced performance. A V6, V8 and V10 engine normally possess one exhaust manifold on each side.

Should you wish for a replacement Jeep exhaust manifold to bring back the efficiency of your exhaust system, the choices are available in most auto-part store in the industry. Most Jeep exhaust manifolds are made to original specifications and are of top quality. It really doesn't matter what Jeep model you drive. Whether it is a Jeep Wrangler, Jeep Cherokee, Jeep Hurricane, Jeep Grand Cherokee or Jeep Liberty, there's a multitude of Jeep exhaust manifold choices waiting for you.

Jeep Exhaust Manifold Models